January 7, 2009

First meeting in 2009

This is my BBBB (Bold Beautiful Book Binding) workshop at my work. We meet every Wednesday lunch time to make hand made book. In the photo from left Ayako Hatta, Kumi Suzuki and Dennish Kashere. We are preparing our books for the exhibition in March 2009.

These are some of the books we are working on. The snowman book made by Kumi using sheet of plastic I've found in a skip near by. The top right is Dennis's hand embroidery cover he started last year for the exhibition. The cartoon cover is from discarded book cover that I am making into a book. The blue and orange books belongs to Ayako.


My latest obsession said...

Natima please let me know if you are having an opening, I will try and come meet your group.

Notjustnat said...

Of course I will. We are working on all the papers work and the exhibits. My groups are lovely, you will like them.

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