div style="text-align: justify;"> I have not posted anything since last weekend. The reason is I couldn't take any good photos because it's dark by the time I get home from work. Today is not the best day either, but if I don't take it today it will be another week before I see sunlight again. Sad but true! Now for the update:

Update on Featherweight challenge that Ria, Terry and I are working on rail fence quilt. This quilt was inspired by Kathie and her help. If you haven't seen my previous posts about this you can do a search under Featherweight Challenge on my blog. Ria and I started this challenge in February this year. Both Ria and I own a Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Later on Terry joined in and I believe that Terry is now owns a FWS too. I'm sure she will show us her FWS soon. 
I completed the top before we went to Japan, and in Japan I found the border fabric for it. It's  indigo hand-dyed fabric. It's a perfect piece of fabric for the quilt even though I didn't take the top with me. I hope that you can see the weaving effect of the pattern in the photo. I can't say enough how happy I am with it. Kathie had a big part in helping me to get the weaving effect. Can anyone see why? 
It's bigger than I expected it to be. It's 76" x 76" with the border. It fits the top of our King size bed. I don't think it will fit on any wall in our house. It will have to be a comfort quilt or table topper. Now when it comes to quilting I would like to get your suggestions on how you would quilt it please. 
A perfect corner. I hope you can see leaping deer print on the border. It is not surprising that I'm into weaving stuff. I must have inherited this from my mother who was a basket weaver. She used to weave household utilities such as storage baskets, sieves, trays and rice containers. I have taken up basket weaving as well and at the moment I'm taking an online workshop 'cloth to cloth' with Jude Hill on fabric weaving. I'm busy working on them. I promise to show you some of them soon. 

Memory of Ireland

We visited Ireland almost ten years ago. We took our children with us and I still have vivid memories of the place. We stayed in a place calls Schull in County Cork on the West Coast of Ireland. We took a lot of drives all around County Cork including the tip of  Ireland where the Titanic sailed passed on its fatal voyoge! Just for interest, when we returned from Ireland I made an Irish chains quilt in memory of Ireland. I had lot of Liberty prints at that time so I thought, English - Irish well, related right? Maybe not, but anyway I decided to used Liberty prints for this quilt. The little squares are 1" x 1".
I decided to make it looks scrappy and because I have a lots of Liberty prints I thought I would throw them all in. The result was quite pleasing. After I finished the top I thought it need something else in the white center of the blocks. I thought of the shamlock leaves and as it happened I had a solid green Liberty fabric that was perfect for it. I got to work on that and it took ages to complete all the blocks and border.
I started hand quilting it using cross hatch design. Cross hatch quilting is my favorite hand quilting design. If all else fails cross hatch it! I have to try and work on it a bit more, but time is a big fector in my life at the moment. 
I do have many quilt projects on the go and I would love to get them finished one day. My idea and style preferences have changed over the years and what I thought I liked 5 years ago, I'm not so keen on any more. Luckily my quilts are kind of traditional and scrappy so they have not aged that much. I haven't started many projects lately; instead trying to finish the one I started. I actually stopped quilting for a few years just prior to started blogging. Blogging has been great to motivate me to get back into  quilting again. Thank you Mr Blogger! 


Sunshine and Whimsy said...

What a stunning quilt! Fantastic job. :)

Quilt Doodles said...

I have enjoyed your blog. You are very talented! I also enjoyed your photos from Japan. I lived there 4 years as a teenager. Thanks for joining my blog. I am really new at this. (Your photos look dimensional. Love it.)

Born2Bake said...

Make time to visit 'fabric street', lots of cheap, great quality fabrics & notions, in Tokyo. Amazing sewing store in Kamata, too

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