A mini trip to Sydney was very successful. I did all that I was planning to do. It's too much to fit into one post so I will have to break it into 2 posts. This post will be about the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival that DD Kit is involved in organizing. It was a week-long festival full of activities involving bicycles, but the films are the main aim of this festival. We only attended a couple of events while we were there. One of the events was RIDE: Life in the Bike Lane an exhibition of one of a kind bicycles. We are very proud of Kit and the team for what they did. I'm sure that it's not easy organizing anything in Sydney. These guys did a great job. Congratulations Kit and the team.
Here is Kit with her creation of bike. The idea was that the organization gave wooden bicycle frames to the artists to decorate and display the finished bicycles at the RIDE exhibition. 
These are some of the bikes I really liked on display. I wish I had taken photo of them all, but the venue was packed to the brim that I couldn't get to see all of them close. One of my favorite bikes was the one with Aboriginal style paintings on it. Click on the above photos to enlarge. I would have loved to buy it, but I don't think I could afford it and I would need to find somewhere to display it too! 

Have you seen Bike POLO game before? No, not me either. One of the events they had was bike polo and I thought it was a very exciting game to watch. Above is a poster I picked up from there. Very cool uh?

Kit and some of the team members. I think they had so much fun and it paid off for the hard work they have put into organizing the festival. Well done guys! 
Mr NJN was joining in for a free beer at the exhibition evening. The noise level was a bit high so smiling was the only way to communicate lol! 

It was great to see Kit again. The last time we saw her was in July. We do chat on Skype or FB or gmail chat. I can always find her somewhere online. Looking forward to have Kit home at Christmas and it's not too long now...! 

More Photos from Sydney Trip

Some more photos from my Sydney trip. I visited a quilter friend Geo (no blog) at her beach house in North Sydney. I met Geo in Bathurst and we have been friends ever since. You can see from the photo of her quilt and the way she decorates her home that it's a beach house. The colour scheme is blue and decorations are all sea related. I have been there a few times before, but each time I visited she would have a new quilt on the main wall. 
I love this log-cabin quilt with boats and lighthouse. It makes you want to jump in and have a swim!
This is the main living room with all her blue furniture and floor cushion. Most of the books in the bookshelf are also sea related. I love being there. It gives me the feeling of peace and tranquility.  
The wonderful Mr Geo was preparing our lunch when we arrived. I would call him a quilter's husband. He seems to be doing lunch every time I visited. Can you see the table setting is also blue! We had a lovely lunch out on the deck. 
Geo on the left and Myra on the right. We are all ex-Bathurst friends. You might wonder why Geo wears pink? She is a big supporter of Pink ribbon and a driving force behind many charities for breast cancer. 
The next day I met up with Terry another ex-Bathurst friend. Terry is now living in Sydney. Terry was a great guide for us because I don't know Sydney all that well. The only place I wanted to visit was a Japanese bookshop Kinokuniya in the Galleries Mall.
But we also went to Queen Victoria Building for browsing. Queen Victoria Building was built in 1898. This is an old building for a country that is only just over 200 years old.  
I wanted to share this photo of my colleagues and I, taken at lunch time today. We had a farewell lunch for an Indian friend and in her honour we all came dressed in Saris. Five of us from 5 different countries. A true international community I am working with. From left Jocelyn, Nan, Wai Yoke, Nyi and Moi...! I do treasure an occasion like this. Saris are so delightful to wear. They are light, cool and comfortable. The only thing is we needed help putting them on! 

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