I'm on a roll with knitting! After I finished my first cosy I immediately started another one. I do this to most things I make except quilts because I don't get many of them finished haha! This time I had a reason to knit the second one. It is a gift to Valentina. I was waiting until she received it before I blog about it. I'm glad Valentina really likes it. I hope it will brighten up your cuppa tea every time you use it Valentina. 
Valentina's yellow cosy

Jane and I are still spending our lunch breaks knitting. We might have to find something else to do once Summer is here. Both Jane and I are knitting our third cosies at the moment. Jane is making them for Christmas presents and for my third I might use it for a Christmas givaway, I will see how it goes!
Jane's second cosy

This is Jane's second cosy. She used purple and blue for the flowers and the base was knitted in dark blue using ribs pattern. 
Here are the tea cosies sisters together before I posted it off to Valentina. It was the last time these two cosies would be together! Looking at them together I really like the yellow one. I'm glad Valentina has it though.   It suits her lovely and happy personality. 

I got the pattern for these from a book Really Wide Tea Cosies by Loani Prior. You can visit her blog and see more wide tea cosies that she has knitted. 

Woo hoo! I was given a Sunshine Award by Emily of Quiltdoodles. Emily is a newish blogger, but she is not a new quilter. You should see all her gorgeous quilts! Thanks Emily for my Sunshine Award, really appreciate it.  

Enjoy your week everyone! Can't believe how fast September has flown by. 

Woo Hoo! Look what I just finished! Yes a really wild teacosy! I'm no knitter, no I lie. I can knit and purl, but I cannot read the patterns. I can happily knit if I have someone telling me what to do next and what the stitches are called etc. Six years ago I started knitting socks with my supervisor showing me how to knit. I finished one sock and she left the company so I only ended up with one sock! I should start a new blog called "one sock lady". What do you think? This time my friend Dear Jane started me off with this really wild teacosy. We knitted together a couple of times a week during lunch breaks. In the middle of knitting it Dear Jane went for a six-week holiday and while she was gone I started to read the pattern and I feel that my pattern reading is now much improved. 
This is my teacosy. I used my leftover yarns and op-shop yarns for it. The roses and leaves only need a small amount of yarn. The body itself needs less than a 50gm ball. It could have been the cold weather we have had here that made me want to knit. It was very enjoyable and it was quite easy (when you know how!). I am looking forward to using my teapot  for high tea with Mr. Notjustnat when the weather gets warmer.
This is Dear Jane's teacosy. She used re-purposed wool as well. The photo doesn't show the leaves very well. They are deep green and the body is dark gray. 
I bought a copy of Really wild tea cosies by Leani Prior. Since then I discovered her blog Grand Purl Baa you've got to visit her blog. It's full of wild tea cosies to knit! 
This is the original one in the book. You see how close to it mine is? I think I might take up knitting full time now ha! I started another one for a gift. 
A smaller teacosy that I'm knitting at the moment. It's for a gift. I hope I can find a teapot that fits the cosy! I haven't been so excited finishing something as when I finished this. It's an achievement for me to actually finish something I'm not good at. I like knitting now, I think!


Nat Palaskas said...

Test comment by Nat

Inese Bramane iesaka said...

Very nice

Sally Daish said...

Dear Nat
A group of friends in the South Melb.Middle Park, St Kilda area of Melbourne are knitting tea cosies to raise money for The Brigadine Nuns in Beaconsfied Parade to help with the work they do for The Assylum Seekers
The cosies will be auctioned off at a comedy event in April at 145 in Flinders Lane
Reading your great Blog i wondered if you could give me any 'mad' patterns we could use? Please

Regards Sally Daish

Chrissieday said...

when you are fed up of tea cozies try 30 Hot Water Bottle Covers by Chrissie Day published by GMC UK

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