It has been six months since I last visited the CWBQ. It was in my mind to get back to it since I put it away before Christmas, but I just had many other projects I want to do as well. Anyway, not all is lost. I'm back to visit it again working on the table block I started six months ago.

To get myself motivated I even took a drive to see the original CWBQ at Threadbear in Castlemaine. It was raining all the way and most people would say it was a terrible day, but Mr Notjustnat and I love driving in the rain so for us it was a lovely drive. We stopped for lunch at Kyneton and visited a few shops on the way (sorry no photo, rainy days are no good for photographing). Be sure to scroll down to see the original CWB quilt.
My table block is finished, washed and pressed. I changed the shape of the legs from the original design and changed a bit on the vase too just to make it easier for appliquĂ©. I don't think I will put the tassels on the table cloth as on the original block. I don't think it needs it.

Here it is the original quilt I saw in person at Threadbear. I was the last visitor yesterday afternoon. Corliss was busy preparing for the quilt show next week in Melbourne. You wouldn't have known it because the shop was immaculately tidy. It is a beautiful shop in the middle of a country town of Castlemaine in Victoria. I will drive from anywhere to get there again. 
Mr Threadbear kindly offered to take a photo of Corliss and I in front of the quilt. You can see I was rugged up from the rain and cold. Yes I did a bit of shopping while I was there. I got myself a pattern pack of The Morrell Quilt. Inspired by Janet again! I have no plan to start it any time soon though. 
My next block is the bird of paradise block. The templates are cut and ready to go. I added purple and orange fabric after I took this photo. It will be a very bright feathers so watch this space. 

I hope everyone is keeping well and warm for those of you in Australia, and those of you in North America and Europe are keeping yourself cool and away from the severe heat you are having at the moment. The climate is changing I'm sure. We can help our environment by re-purposing and recycling. When I start a new project I make use of what  fabric I have on hand. My quilts don't have to look exactly the same as the originals. They are  my quilts and they should have my own personal stamp to show that it's the one I made. I look into my stash before I go out and buy new fabric for every project. You would be surprised to know that the background fabric I use for the CWBQ came from Reverse Art Truck. I have a feeling that I don't have enough for the whole quilt, but I don't mind adding other similar fabrics to it. I'm sure that the ladies during the Civil War wouldn't have the same background fabric for the whole quilt. 

I feel strongly about our environment and what little I can do to help. I hope you are all doing what you can to help - Thanks for sharing my passion in protecting our environment ...!

The Groom is born! I started workig on him about two weeks ago , but he was without a face for all that time. I managed to give him a face-lift just last weekend. I found that the face and hat were hard to position together. I think I am happy with that now. What does everyone think? Does he need a feature on his face? My sewing group thought he should have, but I am not sure. Some input here from everyone please.

Lizzie did a great job on the pattern. I particularly like his strong legs. He would need them to fight the war! I decorated my block a bit differently than what Lizzie did, but still using the motifs from the main pattern. I gave in to the temptation and got some Civil war fabrics from Autumn rose Quilting. I couldn't help myself when I saw what they have. Not having any Civil war fabric before I thought I might get just a little bit LOL! Anyway, I can use what is leftover for Dear Jane quilt.

DH and I went to see another movie tonight and it was Mao's Last Dancer. It was such a good movie, directed by an Australian director Bruce Beresford. I highly recommend it. It wasn't a sad movie, but it made me cry with happiness. If you have a chance don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Nat, I'm surprised - I've been reading your blog for some time (since before we took Jude's Cloth Whispering class together:) - but I read it via my email. Now I look carefully at your site (searching for your Facebook id - I want to see the photos you take with your iPhone4:) ... and I see that you are ALSO working on the CWB quilt, just like me.

Thanks so much for the photo of Corliss, too - I've spoken to her by phone (I'm in the US) but never met her face-to-face. :)


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