Some weeks I don't have anything new to blog about but other weeks I have plenty. I don't want to swamp you with too many posts so I decided that posting once a week is just right. 

Last weekend I tried my hand at Shibori dyed in indigo. I have seen a video on YouTube about the traditional Japanese Shibori. So, with a stack of dye powder I thought I would try it. Dyeing is very addictive. It's a very exciting process to start the dye bath and wait for the result the next day. I love natural dye too, but it is not always possible living in a city. My photos are somewhat out of order today sorry about that guys. 
Here is a result of Shibori dyeing after leaving it in the dye bath over night. The patterns are not even in size or evenly positioned on the cloth. That was intentional. This time it is only experimenting with dyeing. I will try drawing patterns on the cloth and tying along the pattern next time. 
This is how it looks like after I rinsed out the dye, but before untying the string. It looks good as it is before untying it doesn't it? I used Procion in indigo dye powder for this. I hope to try the natural indigo dye in the summer. Apparently you need warm weather for that.
Lot of moon dyed pieces. I'm thrilled about this technique. The above pieces are cotton.
These pieces are silk from a lining of vintage kimono. The moon shapes weren't sealed very well around the edges,  but I still like the look of them. 
What are you doing, you were asking. I was tying those little knobs on the cloth above. It was a fun thing to do. I asked Mr Notjustnat to take a photo for me. I don't always remember to take photos of what I do until it it too late. Does that happen to you too? BTW, the cloth has to be wet before tying. It makes it easier to tie.

Blue basket made for me by Kaite of Yarngarden. Thanks Kaite, I love it. It's a handy basket for threads or a tidy bin when I'm stitching. 

I was at the Craft and Quilt Fair yesterday I remembered to take some photos and will show them to you soon. Have a nice week everyone.


Lynda Howells said...

LOVE these pieces....as you say we have a lot in common.....have subscribed to your blog so l don't loose track of youix lynda

Juliann said...

Those moons are wonderful! I am quite inspired by this idea of dying cloth.

Vic said...

You don't need warm weather for an Nat Indigo hydros vat, you can use them cold. You only need warm weather for a bio vat, which you could always keep inside if you had a small one in a painters bucket with a lid. I blog about indigo all the time because I've just started my journey with it. http://blog.bindandfold.com

really loving your eco dyeing posts (which I have just started doing TODAY!)

Unknown said...

Hello. Maria here from Instigram. I would love to learn the basics of Eco printing on material:! X

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