Do you sometimes treat yourself on your birthday? I do, and this year I treated myself to a new Kimono jacket (Haori), a vintage Kimono fabric enough for a scarf and a Shibori book by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends to always remember my birthday. I do so treasure my friendship with all of you, thanks ever so much. Thank you also for the wonderful birthday wishes I received from my blogger friends. I feel so special being here with you guys. Below are all my birthday presents from family and friends. I won't bore you with too much reading....Enjoy!  

Vintage Kimono fabric on the left that I gave myself for a scarf, a Shibori book  and the fabric in front was a gift from Myra.

The Kimono Jacket I got for myself with the scarf to go with it. In the middle is a close up of the butterfly prints on the Kimono in the inset. This is a 100% silk vintage Kimono. I got it from Ziguzagu. I've already got one in a darker colour and I was looking for a lighter one.   I really love it. 

I met Dzintra and Jo Jo, last weekend when we visited DS's family, and Dzintra and Jo Jo gave me the owl tea cosy, photo album and covered buttons. Dzintra knows I like Japanese fabric! Thanks very much Dzintra and Jo Jo. 

Terry gave me this beautiful heart made from a re-purposed denim shirt and a tea towel with owls on it. I was called a night owl for staying up all hours of the night ha! Thanks Terry I just love my presents and always treasure our friendship.

DS and his family gave me PhotoView. A digital picture frame that I can view photos of DGD whizzing by while working. DIL gave me a handmade brooch and Japanese bracelets. She told me I may use the beads for something else.

This gorgeous Husfwife and the work bag Yasmin made from Jane Austen's Sewing Box book. Apart from that Yasmin gave me an embroidery thread winder and a pair of stork scissors.

Another one of my friends from Abu Dhabi, Debbie, is now living in Yorkshire, UK. Debbie knows I like playing with fibre and earthy stuff. Thanks Debbie, hope to see you next year. Fingers crossed!
Cynthia always gives me a bunch of goodies including Jewellery, a decorative item, a notepad, a piece of clothing, and a bag. Cynthia lives in Abu Dhabi and she has a cute blog called Moon Goddess. Her blog is about the Middle East, the desert, and camels.

Geo is a friend I met in Bathurst who I still keep in touch with. Geo knows I like baskets. I think this one is from New Guinea. She must have known I have been making lizards lately in Jude's patchwork beasts online workshop. Love it Geo!

DJ, my friend at work always gives me meaningful gifts. This one is something I can use at night at a romantic dinner. Candles, digital torch and miso paste (no photo). I promise to have that romantic dinner soon Jane.

Linda is another friend since Abu Dhabi of almost 10 years now. Linda is now living in MA. She always gives me creative gifts. This time a piggy coffee mug, paper napkins, clipboard and the gorgeous turquoise necklace

Last but not least, a gift from Mr Notjustnat! He surprised me by giving me a Pandora bead to add to my Pandora bead collection. It is the red and silver enamel piece in the centre. I love my Pandora bracelet. I rearrange them into colours and themes according to my mood. I only like to use one section of the chain. It is too heavy otherwise.  

That was quite a lot of presents for one birthday, but I love and treasure them all.  Thanks everyone for remembering my birthday even though it seems to come at a speedy rate these days...!

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