January 31, 2009

There is professional photographer amongst us and at the moment is me so here I am posting some work photos

This is Mel, my friend and colleague. I've met Mel on my first few days of starting work. We have been very good friends ever since. Having friends at work is very important in my working life. I look forward to going to work each day because I have friends there.

Let me introduce you to Kris. Kris is also my colleague. She is a sweet heart, she is always there for me. Kris gets me my coffee in the morning. We call ourselves Dora bitches because we are collectors of Pandora bracelets

Yes, we do have a life out side work too. When there is a special occasion we take ourselves to Yum Cha lunch. We do have at least 4 birthdays a year to celebrate and that means lunch lunch and lunch....!!! Then when one of use go on holiday we have to have another lunch for that too. We went out on Friday because it was Fi's last day before she goes away for 4 weeks. You see?

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