February 3, 2009


Nice and quick snack to have on a busy day. It is also good to take along to work when a plate is called for. I usually make a big batch and freeze it. It only needs 12 minutes in the oven. Try a vegetarian version by omitting the bacon and adding chopped mushroom, olive or spinach. Try also a sweet version using sultanas, caster sugar and cinnamon powder.


1 pkg. puff pastry
500 kg. bacon chopped
500 kg. grated tasty cheese
1 clove crushed garlic
Melted butter
Salt and pepper
Mix together the above ingredients

Take 1 sheet of puff pastry and lay on cling wrap, brush with melted butter leaving the last inch unbrushed. Spread the mixture over the pastry and turn into a Swiss-roll and brush the end with water to seal. Wrap the roll with cling wrap. Repeat for the rest of the pastry and filling until finished. Refrigerate or freeze. To bake, unwrap the cling wrap and cross cut into 1" thick pieces. Bake on a lined baking tray for 12 minutes at the temp. 200C.


My latest obsession said...

nat these cheese and bacon swirls are yummy, I can't stop after just one.

Thanks for this recipe. my family loved them.

Notjustnat said...

You are welcome. Try it with other fillings and let me know? Great snacks!!!

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