March 14, 2009

More from girlie pearlie afternoon

That's me in action pouring tea from my new tea pot. It poures like butter, not a drop leaks from its spout...! Hope you notice my pearls?

Lynette and Lynda all dressed up for the party. It surprised us that our dresses still fit.

Little gift box with string of Dubai pearls.



Julia said...

You look beautiful Natima...with your pearls and all that lovely clothing.
You look a bit like you just stepped out from the 1920-30's..
Your friends look like they're enjoying them selves..
Julia ♥

My latest obsession said...

Thank you Natima for the wonderful tea party, I had a lovely time and it was fun to dress up and put on the pearls. The tea pot is beautiful.
Thanks for the cute presents.

Lynda ♥

Nat Palaskas said...

Lynda, I had fabulous time with you girls too. It was fun collecting the stuff for the party including the napkins to match the tea set - Natima

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just testing. ♥

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