June 5, 2009

Down Memory Lane

I lived in Bathurst, NSW in my pre blogging life. While I was searching through some photos, and I came across some I would like to share with you. When we returned from Abu Dhabi to Australia we lived in Bathurst, NSW for two years. Bathurst was where I first met my dear friend Dzintra . I have made many wonderful friends in Bathurst. They were so kind and acccepted me into their quilting circle. Not long after that we formed the Flying Geese Quilters. Some of these photos take me down the memory lane.

This photo was taken at home on one of our social get togethers. I always give my friends something to work on when they come to visit. That day I had them making dollie brooches. They had so much fun decorating the dollies with ribbons and beads. Dzintra is in the red dress. Dzintra told us that day that she was moving to ACT. She was not sure about moving away from Bathurst after sixteen years. Because I have made many moves in my life I told her she should move. I told her a change is as good as a honeymoon LOL! (did I say that?).

A little Guardian Angel Quilt I made for Dzintra when I visited her in ACT a few months after she left Bathurst. She still has it hanging at the bottom of her steps in her new home in Batemen Bay. I hope that the Guardian Angel does look after you my friend.

Terry, Geo and Claire at one of the Flying Geese Quilter's meeting in Bathurst. This photo always reminds me of the Flying Geese Quilters. Apart from the flying geese quilt on the table, you can see the airplanes on the wall. The Flying Geese Quilters meet each Thursday at Bathurst Aero Club, Bathurst Airport. When we were sitting there quilting we could see the planes landing and taking off, and Thursday the flight scheduled seemed very busy. It was the coolest place for a quilt meeting. I do miss it a lot.

This was a going away quilt I made for Claire when she left Bathurst. I asked all the members to make me a block each. The only rule for the block was pink heart and you know? Not one heart was the same!

Here was my heart I made for the quilt. I put the quilt together and hand quilted it. Claire loves pink and was very touched when we gave it to her.

This was another quilt down my memory lane. I made it for my dear friend Edna who was in hospital at the time. Edna was a very kind dear lady, she took me under her wing when I first moved there. Because she accepted me, everyone else did too. It was not easy to move into a small country town where everyone already has their circle of friends. I was lucky to have met so many kind ladies and they are my friends for life. Sadly Edna passed away soon after I gave her the quilt.


Feedsack Fantasy said...

I love the embroidery on that quilt. Lovely trip down 'memory lane'. TTFN ~ Marydon

Julia said...

Lovely trip down memory lane Natima..friends are special.
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

That was nice to see photos of your friends from Bathurst, you are often talking about that time of your life. Thanks for sharing.
Lynda xox

Micki said...

I love your hearts quilt, and it was sucha nice post, esp. the photos of your friends.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Natima! I love that you shared your friendships and friendship quilts with everyone. Very lovely!

Simone de Klerk said...

Some lovely lovely projects, Natima! And I thought I recognized Dzintra on the first picture. How sweet of you to make that gaurdian angel for her!
Have a lovely week.

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Hi there dear sweet Friend Nat!!! Wow...so many memories here♥ I still have my dollie brooch you know!!! Yes I do remember you were very encouraging with our move...which helped a lot. The Guardian Angel did surely look after me Nat...and follows me round, and now guides up the steps.
And so good to see Geo and Claire again...how time moves on and people move around!!!
And is that Edna that Sheila knew?
Wonderful post...lovely memories to share...your Friend Dzintra Ingrid♥x

Zlaty said...

It's always good to go down memory lane! :)

Love all the quilts, my favorite is the heart with the flowers!

Happy sewing! :)


Anonymous said...


What a sweet post - I enjoy reading about your friendship circle! Love that pink heart quilt. Too precious.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind words on my roses...

No, I never did receive any of your replied message. I am so sorry --- I can't believe how much I have missed!!! I think it's because I am on wordpress instead of blogger. My personal email is w_shepp@hotmail.com if you want to write me.

Again, I am terribly sorry... I didn't know. Now, I am wondering how many emails I have missed from replying bloggers.

Anonymous said...


I just sent you an email to your gmail account. Just wanting to make sure you know about it in case your spam filter is on...


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