November 8, 2009

Anything Goes Wednesday: My Environment

My work environment is not too bad to spend 5 days a week at. It is not just a place to work, but it is a place where I can meet my really good friends either for morning coffee or for lunch.

Once a week I meet with my book group to create our beautiful handmade art books. On most day we take a walk around the campus and enjoy the environment around us. There are many nice gardens that we can visit with lot of seasonal flowers and plants. There is also a weekly market where we can get cut flowers, handmade gifts and unique items from around the world .

On my walk around the campus I have taken some photos of interesting artworks and natures things to share with you in between crafts and quilting posts.

This is an wall mural on the outside of a 3-storied building at the centre of the campus. I was told by my colleague that, this is a sundial, but I don't know how it works. At first I thought it was something to do with sewing (I have sewing in my brain!), but when I saw all the numbers above each of the loops I thought maybe it is some kind of scientific drawing. A sundial, yes that makes sense.

A giant leadlight window on the wall of the campus auditorium. This is what thousands of students use for the backdrop to take photos on their graduation day. The patterns on the window replicate patchwork blocks in someways.

These are typical Aussie gum trees. They look good growing in groups. These ones are right in the middle of Performing Arts Faculty and I walk past them each days. I appreciate them more now that I look at photos of them. The red colored building makes it a dramatic backdrop.

These love notes created by art students were formed as a wall plaque on the outside wall of the Art faculty building. I walk past it everyday and noticed that the ivy is starting to take over it slowly. I wander if I will still be working here when the whole plaque gets swallow up by the ivy!

Last I cannot pass this opportunity to share these cute little ducklings that seem to be coming to play in Spring (Australian Spring) by the pond outside the library where I work. Each year there would be emails going around the place to let everyone knows that the little ducklings are here again and the conversation would be around the ducklings topic for days! This year there were nine of them, but unfortunately I only captured six of them on the photo.


Rosalyn Manesse said...

Super photos! Marvellous campus

Anonymous said...

great photos of your work environment, it must be cool to see such beautiful art work all the time, ummm I don't understand the sundial either, if you ever get the chance to take a photo of the leadlight window from inside I would love to see it.

thanks for sharing
Lynda xxx

antique quilter said...

what a beautiful campus, that window must be amazing when the light it shining thru
I love the art students wall art and a red building
inspirational campus I agree!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey workgrounds you have there...nice and interesting to walk through...especially that window!!! I like how you liken it to patchwork!!! Thanks for showing us your world♥x

Janey said...

Hi Nat, Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. That window is a real eye catcher and you have such an amazing work environment I'm "slightly" envious lol Hugs xxx

Ivory Spring said...


Great post - I can see why you like your environment. It looks like one that encourages lots of creativity!

Terry said...

Like the phots but where are the students? were they all away or did you just take pictures without them? It had the feel of the end of term.

I've just watched your slide show go past. Cool Your flamindo's make me smile as always. I don't remember the quilt that come after them. Is it new? It's nice.


Micki said...

The pics are incredible! The love notes are so pretty!

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