November 26, 2009

Bag Lady

My friend Jocelyn and I were called Bag ladies when we used to meet during our lunch break. We were together for two years and we made many many bags during that time. The reason we stopped meeting is because I started a handmade book group and Jocelyn was also in the group so we now only meet to make handmade books with some stitching thrown in. In our Bag Lady sessions I made a few crazy quilt style bags. Quite a few of them were giveaways as presents and some I keep for myself.

This bag brought back a lot of memories. I found the handle at a market in Queensway city hall in London. DH and I lived in London in the 80s BC (before children). We used to love going to antique markets and jumble sales at church halls or city halls. When I saw this handle I fell in love with it and thought one day I would make a bag to go with it. Twenty years later I made this bag to attached to the handle.

I am so happy that I finally made the bag using the handle. Sometimes I can't believe that I actually made this bag. It looks like an antique bag from the Victorian era...!

Another crazy quilt bag with long strap that I can wear across my shoulder. I like wearing my bag that way to free both of my hands when I travels. This bag is an ideal bag for a party or an evening bag where I only need my mobile phone and keys. I made a few of these bags and taught a few of my friends to make them as well.

This is what it looks like under the flap. It's a very simple bag to make. Once I finished with the crazy quilt part of the bag the rest was easy. I really enjoy using this bag and I get a lot of compliments every time I use it.

Another bag that holds a lot of memories for me. This bag is made from a pair of shorts which were DD's when she was about eight. I kept them knowing that I will make it into a bag one day. The belt was also hers and it was one of those Eastern European hand embroidery strips on felt. We found it at one of the jumble sales. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away thinking that someone had lovingly embroidered it by hand.

I am glad I kept it because it goes perfectly with this bag. I don't know if you can tell that the crazy quilt represents under water treasures. I get a lot compliments with this bag too. A group of ladies borrowed it for a while to copy it, but I don't know if they actually made any.


Jocelyn said...

Wow Natima, you are so very talented!! What gorgeous bags.

From the other Jocelyn ;-)

Anonymous said...

You ARE talented and I love all the bags.. especially the first one.. it's a masterpiece

Simone de Klerk said...

What gorgeous bags! And lovely stories behind some. What a wonderful time you must have spent with your friend then! You should start again (O:

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I love it! What fun those bags are! Another thing for me to put on my list of things to make.

Janey said...

Natima, Those are really super bags. I love them all. (Cant wait until I get a sudden rush of the creativity and make something that could look like that) hugs xxx

Liz said...

Gorgeous bags Natima, I really do love your 'London' handle, beautiful and luxurious!

Anonymous said...

Oh Natima,

Your bags are just lovely, they truly are. It encourages me to work on my own crazy quilt. It has been put away for quite a long time. Crazy quilting is such a wonderful way to use up bits of this and that.

Gorgeous job!


Anonymous said...

Hi Natima

Yours bags look fabulous. It's so much nicer using a bag that brings back special memories (and looks great too). I'm so glad you kept your London handle for 20 years! Well worth the wait.

Happy stitching,


Mescrap said...

So much beautiful !! I wish I could make one.

Julia said...

What a surprise are a talented lady...I did not know you also did of my loves to do!
Julia ♥

ParisMaddy said...

The bags are just little gems. The handle is divine and how wonderful that it waited patiently for your creation.

quiltmom anna said...

You make stunning bags- they are all exquisite- I love each and every one of them. I bet whenever you use them they are admired for their gorgeous workmenship.
Thanks for sharing - You are one talented bag Lady.
Warmest regards,

Kim said...

Oh your bags are little works of do lovely hand embroidery Nat.
I love that everyone has special mean for you.

Happy Sewing

Anonymous said...

Hi Natima,
Another great post. And guess what we are in the middle of making the denim jeans bags for ourselves, Karen is doing the fish theme and Bee Lay is making hers with a butterfly and flowers on her bag and I'm doing a flower garden sort of with bit of a twist, for my rock chick daughter.
Lynda xxx

ps. Happy thanks giving to all American readers, hope you have enjoyed your day.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Nat...I looovvee these bags...especially the one with antique handles...and that jeans bag...yes I could see the fish!!! I reckon you can never have enough bags...Dzintra♥x

Janet said...

I love the bags! I dabbled in a bit of CQ too. I'm so loving the denim one. You could do a simple tut on how to turn the shorts into a wonderful recycled bag do you think??

Beth Karese said...

The bags look great! You do such gorgeous crazy quilt work. I especially like the one made from your daughter's shorts. The belt is a great touch.

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