December 13, 2009

Christmas Decorations Continue

I have some more Christmas decorations scattered around the house to show you. After the Christmas swaps was over I needed to make more ornaments. I thought I would make more of the same to include in the presents I am sending this week. I made 10 more hearts in the end. I made a few more red ones and some Christmas colored ones and a few tone on tone. I made an extra one to include in my giveaways for a one year Blogiversary straight after Christmas. Can you believe it, I have been blogging almost a year? I hope that you will come back to enter my giveaways and join me to celebrate my one year Blogiversary on Dec. 27th.
Here are a bunch of hearts I just finished. These are really easy to make, but it can be addictive. They look great together don't they? Sadly they will have to be separate and each goes their own way.
Stockings I made a couple of years ago. I had a lot of fun making them. I hand embroidered and hand quilted the front part of them and just left the back plain. In past years I hung them on door handles, but this year I thought I would hang them from the top of the hutch.
This group of soft sculptures are at least 15 years old (my pre-Internet era). They still look in mint condition. I feel that Christmas decorations don't get used much except when you unpack and repack them. These guys are really cute. If I remember, I stuff them with dried chick peas. I have no idea where I got the patterns from.
The whole view of the hutch with some decorations. The stockings, Santas and mixture of stuff on top of the hutch. In the foreground is our main dinning table. My theme color this year is antique red, the traditional Christmas color. I found just the right red silk roses on Saturday. They are perfect for the table setting. They can be used again during the year too.

Here is the full view of the leaf quilt. Some of you remarked about it on my last post so I thought I would show it to you in full. The story behind this quilt starts when we travelled through the USA starting from Boston, NY, Pennsylvania, Worthington DC and Florida in early Fall one year. The leaves were starting to turn yellow and gold when we were there. I started collecting some leaves and stored them in my quilting book I bought there. When we visited Lancaster in PA I bought some fabric from there in green, gold and tan. I thought about making a log-cabin quilt with the fabric which I did that when I got back home. The log-cabin looked too plain so I decided to use all the leaves I collected for templates and appliqué them on the center of each block and the border. After that I was happy with the quilt. I used my hand dyed fabrics for the leaves.

I bet you are all busy with Christmas preparations. I'm posting off some presents this week and then last minute shopping and baking on that last week leading to Christmas. I have 12 days off from work which is fantastic. Our DGD's first Christmas this year and I'm so looking forward to having her over. I haven't made her stocking yet. Still thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty.. love the hearts.. nice way to use up those fabric scraps.. love your stockings and the way they look on your hutch.. and that quilt is fabulous with the leaves scattered over it.. what a great idea..

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Nat..I'm a sucker for them all!!! That quilt is beautiful, you have done a great job...Not long now and you will have everybody with very very exciting...You will love it all♥x

Anonymous said...

I just love your hearts and stockings. They are truly beautiful.


Janey said...

Beautiful quilt. I love all those little stockings and hearts. hugs xxx

Jocelyn said...

Oh Nat, everything is so beautiful! I love your Christmas stockings. You have so many of them. ARe they all for family members?? The quilt is beautiful. What part of Florida did you visit? I live in Florida.

Marlene said...

Everything looks so beautiful. I love those hearts and the fabrics you have used in them.
The quilt is lovely and what a great memory of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat

That collection of hearts looks really good - they really have got you hooked!.

The stockings are gorgeous - collections of things somehow look so much more effective on display, don't they.

I love the story of your leaf quilt. Not just a beautiful quilt, but beautiful memories, too!

Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you enjoy your time off work and all the preparations for your family's Christmas.


Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Wow Natima your handmade decorations are so beautiful. The hearts look fabulous together and I love your soft sculptures. Your quilt is amazing thanks for sharing that story, how gorgeous. xo

Julia said...

I love the quilt Nat..and the story that goes with it..
It's looking very festive at your place..
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your Christmas decorations.

Janet said...

All your things are wonderful, I love seeing all the hearts together and the stockings are gorgeous. Even your hutch and dining table look fabulous.

ParisMaddy said...

Everything looks amazing. I love the detail you put into the stockings. The hearts are so cute. I made angel wings this year.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Natima ~ Your creations are wonderful! I am so enchanted by the them ...

Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Mescrap said...

Such lovely !! Wonderful hearts, stockings & everything !!

antique quilter said...

I had your blog post opened all day yesterday staring at your log cabin with the leaves as the border, just love it. Love the story behind it as I live in New England and love the fall for that reason, the colors! You certainly captured our fall colors
I really LOVE those heart ornaments though very creative using the buttons and embroidery . did you do the embroidery on the machine or by hand?
, the stockings are so festive looking and that is the biggest pinecone I ever saw on top of the stockings!

Micki said...

I love all of your hearts and stockings. They do all look good together.

Paula said...

Love your Log Cabin quilt, the leaves are great. Your hearts and everything looks great. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

You're so very gifted! I love it all. I keep visiting and never find the time to actually say anything. So I'm here! :)

You do amazing work and you're always so creative. I'm not sure I would ever have thought to use the leaves over the log cabin blocks in that way.

We're busy making ornaments out of my grandfathers shirts for christmas gifts for the extended family.

Keep well and much love,

Will email soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat, such a special time of your Christmas Stockings, the little hearts and your gathering of tree's..Hugs Lyn

Karen said...

Beautiful ornaments! And, happy almost one year blogiversary!

RG said...

Nat, your hearts and stocking all look so wonderful... I may have to try mass production next year... it looks so striking!! Wonderful!
Your home and decorations look gorgeous as does your beautiful Log Cabin quilt.
Once again...a very Merry Christmas!
Robyn xx

Beth Karese said...

Your house looks so festive!

The heart ornaments are fun. You do such pretty stitching and I love the different fabrics.

What a great idea to display the stockings! They are cute.

The leaf quilt is neat, but the story behind it - and that the leaf shapes are from real leaves - is neater!

Thanks for sharing, Natima!

Cath Ü said...

I love those Christmas stockings... gorgeous..Ccath Ü

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