February 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In: Wool Crazy

It was a Friday Night Sew-in last night that Heidi and Bobbi organized. This was the second time I participated in a sew-in and I found that I pushed myself a little harder to get some sewing done. And this is what I did.

I joined Wool Crazy Sew Along a couple of weeks ago to make crazy quilt using felted wool. I ordered a copy of Wool Crazy from Pumpkin Patch Primitives and it arrived just in time for me to get organized for the Friday Night Sew-in. I love crazy quilt and all things primitives, so this was a good chance for me to put them all together into a quilt. Brenda of Pumpkin Patch Primitives kindly set up a Wool Crazy Sew Along blog for us to play together. Thanks Brenda.
Here are some of the felted wool that I made myself from woolen fabrics. I have been collecting 100% woolen clothing such pleated skirts, shirts and anything else I can find. After I trim off all the bands and cuffs I put them in the washing machine with the temperature setting of 194'F or 90'C. I add a small amount of wool wash liquid in with the wool fabric. I set my machine on the longest cycle with cold rinse. After the wash is finished you will get yourself beautiful felted wool.
There are only 4 large blocks in this quilt, each block is 24" square. I pieced my first block last night. Apart from completing the block, I made such a mess while choosing the fabrics. I didn't have all the colours I wanted, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I like how it looks so far!
I only managed to embellish one bit of it so far. I just love working with wool. I love the feel of the wool and I can be free stitching the motives down without too much accuracy.
A close-up of the stitching. I used my hand-dyed pearl threads for embroidery. The instruction called for fusible web applique, but I found that wool being quite thick it didn't work very well, so I will not used fusible web again. I am going to just use small pins to keep the pieces down while stitching.

The result of the Friday Night Sew-in was very successful. I got to started my new project and I will post this on the Wool Crazy Sew Along blog as well. Thank you once again Heidi for putting on such a fun night. I hope you will visit the Wool Crazy Sew Along blog to see the work of all the other members too.


Janey said...

That is just wonderful, and a great idea with the woolen fabrics. Nice block hugs xxx

Simone de Klerk said...

It looks very pretty and I think lots of fun to make (O:

Kim said...

so did you do a stitch and flip method of attaching your wool to the foundation?
I bought my supplies from someone other than the blog hostess and I didn't know it......so now I feel badly about participating. I didn't know it was a group to support her store. I wish all of that had been made clear up front. So now I will work on my wool crazy and just show it on my blog.

Yours is gonna be a beauty Nat, you do such lovely hand work.

Happy sewing

Lori said...

Terrific first block Nat!!

The Quilt Buddy said...

Hey Nat!

I love the recycle and reuse idea! What a great way to get a lot of wool for less $....and what a great way to find awesome colors!

My very first quilt was a crazy 9 patch quilt. It was easy to make but it is my least favorite quilt. I hate it because of my color selections, not the pattern. Back then, I had no clue as to what I was doing!

Great job for a Friday night. Have a good weekend!

Nedra said...

I have never seen the Wool Crazy book before. Looks like a fun one. I have so much wool stored in my closets, that I'm always looking for new ideas. Your applique is beautiful!

paulette said...

Hi Nat!
Your little quilt has taken shape...isn't it wonderful how completeing one wonky block just brings it life! I love what you have done so far!! I have got to find that thread!! Makes your flowers pop!! Well done, Nat!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your block is just beautiful!! I will be doing that quilt too, I just don't have my wool felted yet! Did you do it all in your home machine? Does it give off a lot of fiber that could clog a drain?

ria vogelzang said...

What a great block!! Love your woolen fabrics! Seems so much fun to make your own woolen fabric...... I'm sure to try your explanation!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat

This looks great - I love your applique. Maybe you could try a little dab of applique glue to hold the pieces down. The wool does free you up to be more free-form, which is great.

Sew-In number 2 = a success!!!

Regards, Sue

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Nat
I have seen a couple of these blocks popping up on the net and yours looks fantastic! I love working with wool but it is so hard to find here. That's the one thing I always try to buy a bit of when we go down to the Melbourne quilt show. I am looking forward to seeing how this grows.

Terry said...

Wow inspires me to dig out some of the wool I felted when you were doing the felting thing in Bx. Ah it will have to wait untill I can move rubbish from the garage to get to the trunk.

Your piece is georgeous and I look forward to seeing it .

Great Sew In Terry

Julia said...

Hi Nat
I have seen a couple of these blocks popping up on the net and yours looks fantastic!
I've done lots of CQ but never in wool..
Looks great!
Julia ♥

Bobbi said...

Nat that is a great project!!! Friday night sew-in makes me push myself too on a night im usually lazy. I cant wait to see it all done!

Kaite said...

Nat your block is wonderful, and i love the idea of felted wool to make the crazy with. Looks so snuggly. Did you actually go out or was it all via online? I'm afraid that the ABC1 murder mysteries are too compelling for me on Friday nights, i just sit and try to work them out. cheers, Kaite

QuiltSue said...

That is looking good.

ria vogelzang said...

Dear Nat, please visit my blog and find out....... ;))

Anonymous said...


I love it that you are ALWAYS into something, the good way, of course! :) Your block is looking so cheerful.

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