March 11, 2010

Japanese Flavours

A long waited Japan trip is only 14 days away! First stop is Auckland, New Zealand for DH brother's wedding and visiting his family at the same time. On March 25th. we leave for Japan. It is our first time visiting Japan. I'm so excited and looking forward to exploring Japanese culture, art, crafts and hopefully see some quilts along the way. I hope to be able to post some pictures on here when we arrived at Lesley's place in Kanazawa in the second week. Please come right along and enjoy the Japanese flavour with us.
I even have a Japanese project to show you. This is my Japanese fan quilt I started a few years ago. The block is only 2" finished with fan applique on the dark background. I will hand applique and hand piece this quilt. I only used Japanese fabrics for it. They are not all 100% cotton though. I bought a few mixed bags from the place called Make in Tokyo here in Melbourne and I have been using some of the fabrics from those bags.
I was inspired to make this quilt from a travel exhibition of Japanese quilts. I couldn't take photo of the quilt so I sketch it down on an envelop I had with me. My version is more colorful than the original one. I have been enjoying piecing those tiny blocks. I used freezer paper as templates for applique.
A Japanese Quilt Blocks book from the library where I work. My student is a Japanese librarian so she got to order some cool books for use!
A journal is ready for me to take. I used some of the scraps from the rail fence quilt to make the cover. I made two of the same journals. I will keep one to giveaway later on in the year.
Okay this is our monster hotel in Tokyo. It calls Shinagawa Prince Hotel. It's in a big hotel complex and I read a mixed review about it. Anyway, we booked and will find how it is when we get there. It's an adventure into the unknown so it will be exciting!

Kyoto Travelers Inn Hotel looks more friendly to us, let's hope so. We were told that it's a busy time in Kyoto at this time of year due to the cherry blossom season. The Japanese are great travelers themselves. I hope to see some traditional costumes around streets of Kyoto.


Anonymous said...

Oh Nat, the cherry blossoms are just to die for. It is a beautiful time. I hope that you can catch a festival or two while you are there. We will be traveling along with you in spirit.

Blissfully Stitching,

Anonymous said...

Nat, your Japanese fan quilt is so lovely . . . another little tiny project!

I'm liking the new look to the blog as well. Very nice work.

I can feel your excitement about the trip . . . how wonderful it will be.

Regards, Sue

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oooo Nat your excitement is coming through!!! You will have such a fabulous time I'm sure...Looking forward to hearing all about it...Dzintra♥x

Kaite said...

Nat your little fan applique quilt is beautiful, what a lovely idea. You'll have a wonderful time, how exciting. Kt

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know you will have lots of fun on your trip!!

That Japanese quilt is absolutely LOVELY. I have seen that Japanese block book in the bookstore.

And your new header is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

ria vogelzang said...

Love your Japanese quilt!! It's gorgeous! Beautiful fabrics!
The excitement about your trip is spread all the way threw here......... ;0)))
And what a cute journal you made.... So lovely! I also used left overs of the Rail Fence for my Dear Jane blocks...So it is almost as if they were "sisters".
Whishing you great fun in preparing for your trip!!! Love, Ria.

Béa said...

Your japanaise fan quilt is wonderful !Wishing you a great trip.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Your Japanese fan quilt is lovely! I would love to see the cherry blossoms. So pretty. And your journal looks good!Looking forward to seeing pics from your trip.

Kathie said...

your trip sounds wonderful
someday I hope to get to Japan as well.
oh look at that journal it is just so pretty.
love your new quilt, Ihave one started as well, in repro's of course :)
have a great weekend!

Terry said...

your quilt and jurnal are a wonderful prelude to your trip. I'm looking forward to the stories they will tell.
Wishing you both a great trip.
Huggs Terry

QuiltSue said...

I'm looking forward to "travelling" with you on this trip.

Sue-Anne said...

Your fan quilt is stunning! I like your journal cover too. I have heard that Japan is very beautiful so I am looking forward to seeing some photos. You must be getting really really excited now.

Valentina said...

Oh, Nat! Enjoy and tell us alllllll about it upon your return... Nat your little japanese quilt is so lovely!
Oh my, maybe I could ask your permission to try and make a few blocks? Sorry Klosjes!
Have a Wonderful Time!

...and your Den Haan & Wagenmaker Butterflies are sublime!

Diane H said...

How many more sleeps? Please send us all some cherry blossoms. Your quilt is amazing! Lovely journal it is sure to be bulging with all sorts of tales and treasures for you to share by the end of your journey.

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful that you are going on all these trips. That quilt and journal is so beautiful.

I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip and can't wait to see your pictures when you return.


Astrid said...

Lovely fabrics you are using in that Japanese quilt! No doubt you are excited about your trip to Japan! :)Love the journal! I have yet to make one. :)

Clarity said...

I saw your comment on Dzintra's and checked out your blog - really like the Japanese Fan Quilt, it is colourful but nicely geometric.

Enjoy your stay, take lots of beautiful blossom fall pictures.

Micki said...

Your fan quilt is stunning! Enjoy your trip in Japan!

Janet said...

I love your little Japanese quilt! The colors just sparkle on the dark blue backgrounds. I like to draw quilts I see too - mine are mostly on sales receipts - I always have a handful of those in my purse :0) Have a great trip! I really like your journal too.

Darlee Byron said...

I do love your fan quilt.. and what an exciting trip to look forward to experiencing. I'd have trouble focusing on my current tasks... have a great time!!

Lis said...

Hi Nat have a great time in NZ and an awesome time in Japan - love the quilt and the journal cover, brilliant. I'll be following you!

Karen said...

I love your Japanese quilt Nat! Enjoy your trip to Japan.

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

The quilt is beautiful. Got the 'oriental' feel. Enjoy your trip.

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