April 21, 2010


Before we went to Japan I was hoping to see a Kimono being worn. I wasn't disappointed. The Japanese ladies wear Kimonos in their daily routine. I saw them in the museum, walking on the streets, walking in the park and or just shopping. Of course I couldn't take a photo of them straight off. The photos I took are either from the back or from a distance. I did enjoy seeing that Kimonos are still being worn in everyday life.

Talking about Kimonos. A few years ago I gave my friends at the Flying Geese Quilters in Bathurst some challenges with a Japanese theme. I couldn't really give them challenges without me making one as well. So here is the little Kimono quilt I made.

This is a double sided Kimono; on one side I used my hand dyed fabric and stitched over with Sashiko stitches.

On the reverse I used the fabric from a vintage Kimono and it was the same fabric I gave everyone in their kits. The rule for the challenge was that they could make whatever they wished using this fabric and added fabric of their choice.

And here are some photos I took in Japan. They are not the best photos but I couldn't get close to them to take clearer ones. I had to snap whenever possible.

This sweet couple were visiting Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa the same day we did. They were walking hand in hand, how romantic!

I took this photo in Kyoto on a Sunday afternoon when we went to the Kyoto Handicraft center. It was a lovely afternoon and these ladies must have been on the way to a tea party!

In the cooler weather they wear another layer over the Kimono and you can see in this photo the lady on the right had a scarf around her neck as well. It was cold that day in Tokyo and it snowed later that day.

Another lady with a coat over her Kimono. I wish I could see what her Kimono looked like. This photo was taken outside Kyoto train station. What I like best about Kimonos is the fabric from vintage Kimonos. I've found some of them, but they were quite expensive. I think one has to live in the place to be able to find where things are. I wish I lived in Japan for a while...maybe in the next life!

I must tell you that I'm in the process of getting the photos from Japan uploaded to Flickr photo. I have created links for you to get to. I have made two links on my side bar, they lead to the same photos, but somehow show in a different format. Only a third of the photos are done so far.


ria vogelzang said...

How lovely to see all your Kimono-pictures!! They all look so special!
The couple that holds hands: so beautiful!!
Your Kimono-quilt is a real treasure!!
Have fun this weekend!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Nat...what a great post!!! And all those Kimonos...lovely...HUgs, Dzintra♥x

Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous kimonos. The fabrics are all lovely.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

The kimonos are lovely - I especially like the pink flowery one.
Your kimono quilt is beautiful.

AnnieO said...

Love the kimono quilt! What a fabulous job you did on that. My grandfather, during WWII, was part of the first fleet that landed in Japan at the end of the war. He came home with a well-worn kimono and a gorgeous richly loomed orange and red obi. My mom is now displaying the obi in her bedroom.

Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed your pic's.. the Kimono's look so comfortable.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

All of the kimonos are gorgeous. Wouldn't it be great to dress like that everyday?

BTW-I love your kimono quilt! Cute idea.

Thanks for sharing.

kaiteM said...

isn't that lovely to see they are still wearing their traditional clothing but in a more modern way. K.

Nedra said...

My bosses Bob and Heather Purcell (who own Superior Threads) lived in Japan for 10 years. They have beautiful Kimono's around their offices. So elegant!
You really found a lot of variety, and it was wonderful seeing Kimono's worn in every day settings.

Betty said...

It is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures too. What a wonderful trip to go on.


Kim said...

Oh yes wouldn't it be lovely to have a real kimono? I have a silk one from my husbands travels but I think it was made for tourist...not what the Japanese ladies wear.
How many people did your challenge?
Is there a photo shot of all the finishes? I love what you created!
thanks for sharing your trip Nat....I'm off to the Netherlands in June and hope to take some travel shots too.

Happy Sewing

Ken said...

On the day that I said you can see the most Japanese scenes, so many girls move around towns with wearing the most gorgeous Kimono.
Those are called Furisode for happy occasion.
Most of photos above are of Kosode or Houmongi, Kimono for visiting.
You can enjoy Kimono by rental too.

Astrid said...

What a stunning blue kimono! I LOVE blues and I can't stop looking at this one! It's just so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing all the kimono photos - they are really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to go to Japan myself one day . . .

Regards, Sue

Lis Harwood said...

Great photos Nat, the ladies look so relaxed and comfortable in their kimonos too, not what I expected :) I hope I can see some real life kimono wearers too, I'll have my camera handy.

Micki said...

I love your kimono quilt and the pics were lovely to see

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely all these pictures!

Valentina said...

Your Kimono quilt is Fantastic, Nat! And I can share your thrill of actually seeing them worn on the street.
Thank you for sharing your trip with us in this way,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kimono shots! The oranges ones are my favorite.

Mescrap said...

Whoa, I love the kimonos you made !!! And those fabulous photos!!

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