May 30, 2010

Kit visit and Japanese Fabric

It has been a busy week since I last posted on here. It was nice touring the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I'm glad to be part of it again for the third time. If you have not seen it, please see my previous post for more detail or click the above link.

I haven't finished anything in the last couple of weeks so I thought I will show you my Japanese fabric I brought back from Japan. I have a lot more photos from Japan to sort through and show to you.

Our daughter Kit visited this weekend from Sydney. After graduating from ANU, Kit moved to work in Sydney. We see each other quite often; either we go there or she comes to us. Kit is leaving for New York in 2 weeks time so it's nice to see her before she leaves. Kit has been to New York a few times in the past. She loves New York and has many friends to visit there.   
This is  Kit and I on an outing to our favorite spot for lunch and coffee at Oakleigh in Melbourne.   
Japanese shop keeper and I in Nara, Japan. A train ride from Kyoto to Nara took only 40 minutes. Nara is Japan's first capital. In the old quarter Naramachi District, the buildings are distinguished by narrow frontages and surprising depth. The lane started off with traditional Japanese shops including the fabric shop above. I purchased a lot of Japanese fabric from there.
These coin purses seemed to drive Japan's economy. Every shop would have them including one that sells only these purses in all shapes and sizes. I bought a few ready made as well as some clasps to try and make them myself. 
The bundles of fabric above came from Osaka. I wondered into a shop of upholstery supplies full of items such as cushions, table mates, napkins,  and Nolans (Japanese door blind). In that shop I found a few baskets full of these bundles. I asked with my broken Japanese how much they were. The lady told me they are not for sale and tried to sell me fabric by the metre. I then used the magic word "Patchwork", oh it was a magic, she understood and agreed to sell these to me for only $3.00 per bundle. It was a good buy! 
Here is my Japanese fabric from Nara. I was only looking for traditional Japanese fabric and not a big amount. I didn't have anything planned to make with them, but I'm happy with what I brought back.
Some fabric from Tokyo
And more
These cute kitten prints were so nice I have to have some! 
I bought some offcuts and vintage Kimono pieces too. I am glad to be using them in my online workshop Cloth to Cloth. 

My online workshop Cloth to Cloth started over a week ago. I'm really enjoying it. I wish I could show you all the work from everyone, but unfortunately the blog we are posting our work on is a private one. I will post my work on here to show you what I have been doing. 


Lis said...

Oooh Nat, thank you for a great fix of Japanese fabric this dull and windy Sunday morning in England. I love everything you bought and know you will do fantastic things with it.

Kaite said...

oh Nat, i love your header, so much woven cloth to cloth, you haven't shown them on the cloth blog, they're beautiful. Lovely japanese fabrics too, worth visiting just for the fabrics...k.

Kathie said...

looking forward to seeing your work from your class with Jude.
Oh I love the japanese fabrics you bought, love seeing Japan thru your pictures too, very nice little coin purses....
glad your still sharing your trip with us

Terry said...

Kitia looks great and nice you had time for a visit.
Your cloth to cloth header and work is inspiring.
Thanks for the virtual shopping trip.
I had the same experience with the sikl merchants in Bangkok.
Patchwork is universal in any language.
Huggs Terry

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lovely fabric. Enjoy making something special with them.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I love the fabrics,Nat andthe purses are really cute.

ria vogelzang said...

I love the picture of you and Kit! What a lovely daughter you have! You can see you are very fond of eachother! What a great sight! :))
And you bought some lovely fabrics! So nice!!
(p.s. your header is really gorgious!!)
Love, Ria.

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Your daughter is lovely! Its so nice to visit with our grown-up kids!
Your fabrics are so pretty~ I will check back to see what you are making!
♥ E

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oooo Nat look at your gorgeous new looks great, And your fabrics are fantastic!!! Bet you will make something beautiful with them...Dzintra♥x

Micki said...

Looks like you had a lovely day with your daughter!

Sue-Anne said...

I'm please you had a lovely weekend with your daughter. How exciting for her to be travelling.

Your Japanese fabrics are gorgeous and I am looking forward to seeing what you make with them. I had a laugh about "patchwork" in the shop. It truly is an international word!

Michele said...

i agree, your daughter is stunning! and the fabric you brought back, oh my gosh... wow! i'm green with envy over here! :)

Ivory Spring said...

Oh my goodness, those Japanese red florals just melt my heart!!!! Please remember me if you REALLY can't find any use for them... just kidding! I know you will make something just so stunning with them.

Kit is beautiful!

Lurline said...

So much to see and what a beautiful daughter!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Karen said...

Such wonderful fabric Nat!

Janet said...

What a lovely photo of you and Kit, she looks so tall! I just love seeing your treasures from Japan and I think you are right about the coin purses, they seem to be very popular at the moment too. How do you make your photos have the shadow, what programme do you use? I love them.

Paula said...

Wow wow Nat. You bought some lovely fabrics I can see. Great picture of you and your daughter. Thank you for sharing.
Huggs, Paula

Clarity said...

Hi Nat,

I like the new header and appreciated your visit chez moi. Lovely descriptions of Japan and the purse economy drivers :) I think your daughter looks adorable and like someone I would be friends with. Hope you always continue to be closer. Peace, x

Miri said...

Oh these fabrics are so beautiful! I am totally green with envy...I lived in Japan for a year years and years ago and went to Nara,of course, but knew nothing about fabric. (I did go traipsing around the country to pottery workshops though! :)

I did buy some of those purses but they're long worn out!

Kim D. said...

Your fabrics are beautiful!! Especially love the fabrics from Tokyo and those cute little animal prints. That kitty print is too hilarious with the kitties carrying the spears to make their catch.
Thanks for sharing your fabric with us.

Kim D. said...

Forgot to mention I bet you had a great time visiting with your beautiful daughter. Nice photo. I hope she brings you back some fabric from NY.

Suedio said...

Love the weaving in your header, Nat. Very nice work indeed - you've been busy!

Glad you had a good weekend with Kit . . .

Regards, Sue

Nedra said...

What a beautiful daughter. I know she will love New York. Our oldest son lives in Brooklyn.
The Japanese fabrics are so beautiful! Thank you so much for the show and tell.

Jacky said...

Looove your Japanese fabrics and all the wonderful weaving you have been doing. Lovely to see your incorporating some of your basket weave techniques too!

Nice to spend time with you daughter before she heads off to New York.

Jacky xox

Bev C said...

Happy sewing with that beautiful fabric. Happy days.

Valentina said...

nat, i love that picture of you and Kit, oh, i can see how proud you are of her! :)
and as for the rest: one word for you:



can't wait to see what treasures result from them!


twhIch aye said...

your daughter is beautiful! she looks like a model...

and that shop... i'd probably spend so much money in there! hahahahha love the kitty fabric and your bundles... can't wait to see what you make from them

-michele m.

Mrs Moen said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! How many extra gorgeous fabric filled suitcases did you bring home from Japan?:-)

Kim said...

Oh my you have been busy!

I hope your daughter has a great time in NY....will she be in NY City the whole time?

Happy sewing, I look forward to seeing your creations

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Seems you going to have a busy time with those fabric .
They all look so 'yummy' to me.

Moon Goddess said...

Wow, Kit is all grown up! You two look great together. Sounds like you had a fun, creative weekend together.

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