August 23, 2010

Quilt Revisit and Introducing New Blog

I have been busy lately with visitors and preparing for more visitors next week. We are also making an important visit to our gorgeous DGD this weekend. Can't hardly wait to get there and give her big XOXO!

Today I have a few things to share with you. First of all is my Summer Stars Quilt from a book Home Sweet Home of Blackbird designs. I fell in love with this quilt and I thought it would be perfect for a Christmas quilt. I did the fabric treatment for this quilt before cutting it. The result was stunning. I pieced all the star blocks and prepared the applique borders and that was all I did then. I'm revisited it again to try and finish the top by Christmas. 
Home Sweet Home is a great book with many stunning projects inside. There is another quilt in there called Nosegay for Mother that I would like to make. I already did the fabric treatment for it now; the only thing I need is time. 
Here is Summer Stars and a few of my blocks. Don't you just love the colour? I'm happy with my colour too and really enjoy the appliqué process. 
Some star blocks ready and waiting for the appliqué borders. 
Myra was here last weekend and I talked her into starting a blog. Myra and I have been friends for almost 10 years. She and I took a trip together to Bangkok, New Delhi, Istanbul, Cairo, Aswan and Zurich in 2008 for 5 weeks. Myra is also a quilter. She makes vibrant quilts for all occasions so I thought blogging would be the best way to show off her beautiful quilts. Myra calls her blog Myfluffybag. Please join me to welcome Myra to our blogland. 
A couple of weekends ago I met up with Jacky and Dot and we visited Ziguzagu the Japanese textile warehouse again. Jacky and Dot are friends I met through blogging. I couldn't help myself taking a photo when I saw them digging into a tub of vintage kimono pieces. They are both creative textile artists so I hope you will pay them a visit at their blogs
This is one of Dot's creative pieces of fibre art she gave me the first time we met. Thanks Dot, I love it and I have displayed it in our guest room for everyone to enjoy when they visit us. 

The next post is my birthday giveaways. I will leave the post up while we are away and will do the draw when I get back either Sunday night or Monday sometime. I hope you will be back to enter for it...!


orchidlover said...

I love how your quilt is looking. It's going to be gorgeous when it's finished.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Nat check out that book...I love it!!! I have not seen that before!!! Your quilts are gorgeous as always...and of course I'll be back for the giveaway...Dzintra♥x

Needled Mom said...

That looks like an amazing book that is getting lots of use!!!!

I love the colors you are using. It will make such a gorgeous quilt.

I need to check out those blogs now.

Nedra said...

One of my girlfriends appliqued Home Sweet Home several years ago. Such a wonderful design.
A warm welcome to your friend as she enters blogland.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I LOVE that book! It is also part of my quilting library and someday I want to make the "Home Sweet Home" quilt!

Thanks for introducing us to Myra.

Enjoy your day my dear friend,

Teresa said...

Oooo...I love that Home Sweet Home book! The house quilt is hanging on my wall. your Summer Stars quilt is oh so nice! The red stars are stunning. I think I am going to start the Birds of a Feather quilt for my stepmother, also by Blackbird Designs.

I love following your creativity and your exciting travels!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Diane H said...

Thanks for the intro to such a great book and a new blogger too! You were such a sweetie to promote my blog when I started Nat, thank you again.

Willow said...

Hi Nat,

Love the book and the quilt squares. The colors are so beautful. I am doing much better now and will be posting on what happen in the last two months.


Lis said...

Love your stars Nat and have popped over to meet Myra. Have a very happy birthday :)

deanna7trees said...

wish we had a ziguzagu in austin, tx. love the colors you chose for your quilt.

kaite said...

it must be so good to be able to dig in that vintage box in ZZ. living in Melbourne does have its benefits. cold and wet here again...k.

Terry said...

I know you and I both get distracted by new stuff it's so nice when you are looking forward to revisiting a previous project (only one?) enjoy I'm looking forward to up dates.
Have a great next couple of weeks. Family and Friends what else. Huggs to all

Marydon said...

Oh, Nat, that JACKET is to die for gorgeous! What a story of Cate as your inspiration. Even Harold commented on 'that is quite a jacket, isn't it'.

Looks like a lot of yo gals are going to be moved by this book.

Have a beautiful eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Elizabeth said...

Oh those flowers on the cover are so nice, looks like a great book.

Janet said...

I've often admired the book but not bought it, it'll get me into trouble. I love your blocks and all the nice news on this post, I'll go visit Myra now.

QuiltSue said...

The quilt looks great, I love the colours. I'll be off now to visit your friend, byeee.

ria vogelzang said...

I have also just purchased the home sweet home book! It's so great!
As soon as I have finished some projects I will start on the home sweet home quilt!
Love the stars-quilt as well! It would make a lovely christmas-quilt!!
Hugs, Ria.

Sharon said...

Yes, the colors in your star blocks are gorgeous!!! Have fun on your travels!

Karen said...

I do love the colour! Summer Stars is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat; I have just found your blog and would like to thank you for sharing your world. I love your quilts and your baskets. I'm a beginner quilter, hoping to do more in my retirement which is coming up soon. I think there is a basketweaving guild in my area, and hope to learn that craft as well. I do a little knitting too, but again, there just hasn't been a lot of time! I don't have a blog (maybe someday) but you can visit my daughter's blog: Ontario Rural Revival blogspot. We live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
Thanks again - I'll be visiting regularly!

Dot said...

Hi Nat
Hope you are keeping warm in this cold and rainy weather we are having here in Melbourne. Perfect weather for stitching though!
Thanks for sharing this book. Love the quilt you made (you do such gorgeous work). Will be sure to pop over and visit your friends blog and say hi :).
Smiled at the photo of me and Jacky diving into the fabric tub at Ziguzagu. What a fun day that was!
Am so pleased you like the fabric piece I gave you and thankyou for mentioning my blog too!
Dot xx

Ivory Spring said...

The fabrics you have chosen for your quilt are absolutely PERFECT!!!

Astrid said...

I'll have to check out that book, and Myra's new blog of course. Lovely star blocks! Love the blue quilt too. The photo of Jackie and Dot really made me LOL - that's how we are, isn't it?! :))

Paula said...

Wow Nat - I bought that book in Iceland last Christmas and had forgotten all about it. And now I'm going through it and I love it. Thank you for opening my eyes. I love your blocks and the fabrics you have chosen are beautiful.

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