October 12, 2011

This and That

It is not that I am running out of things to blog. At the moment I am running out of time to blog. My day is packed from morning to late at night and I still have a lot of things left that I can't get done! I started piecing bojagi cloth a couple of weeks ago after seeing what Jean and Blandina had made. Bojagi is a Korean wrapping cloth. It is the same as furoshiki, the Japanese wrapping cloth. The only difference is that bojagi is pieced from many small pieces of fabric and furoshiki is one whole piece of cloth. I like bojagi because you can made it from scraps or leftover fabric from other projects.

For my first bojagi I decided to use blue, white, grey and indigo. I even found a home for my hand dyed moon cloth at the corner. Bojagi cloth doesn't need backing, but the raw edges have to be hidden inside the seams. You have to use a double seam for this. I love the process of hand piecing. There is something therapeutic about hand stitching! 

This is how far I got with the piece. I asked Jean who made a few of them how big is a bojagi cloth. She said I can make it as big as I wish, so I will add a few more to make it about 80cm square for this piece. 

Last week DS and his family visited. We always love to have them over to stay. My dear grand daughter is almost three. The best imaginable age for a little girl. And you know where I took them? I took DIL and DGD to Ziguzagu! I took them there when she was younger, and she remembers it well. She said that it is a good place for dressing up! Haru who works there kindly let her dress in a baby kimono. Don't you think she looks so very cute?

Can you see the lady bug? I was sitting under the light to do embroidery one night when it landed right on the piece of green velvet. It was very active, but I managed to take this shot. 

This spring we are blessed with many wonderful flowers and plants in the botanical garden at my work. I am a walker. I walk whenever I can, sometimes twice a day. I take different routes to make my walk more interesting. It's a large university so there are always lot of students and staff walking around wherever you go. I love it there, thank you universe for letting me work in such a wonderful place. 

Don't forget there are still places left in the Japanese Textile Study Tour; if you are interested please contact me. I hope you are all keeping well. Sorry if I have not been visiting regularly lately. I will try to drop by more often en sha la...!



Anonymous said...

the bojagi is wonderful, I'm so happy you are enjoying it. If we ever have 2 seconds in Japan we can stitch together. Granddaughter is adorable and very sweet in the kimono.

deanna7trees said...

how lucky you are to have a sweet little granddaughter to fuss over. and i'm loving your bojagi piece. i say pojagi but it is the same. i have done some pojagi pieces in the past with the french seam so front and back are both finished. i love the effect.

Jeannie said...

Your granddaughter is adorable and looks so cute in the kimono. I thought the lady bug was a button or bead! Amazing! Your bojagi is wonderful! I think it would be fantastic to recieve a gift wrapped like that. And the gardens! Oh my! The plants are gorgeous, especially the bird of paradise. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy!

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

I learn something new each time I visit your blog. Could you show a photo of the other side of your bojagi sometime. The grandie is beautiful and a perfect shop for dressing up.
Happy days.

Simone de Klerk said...

How I look forward to see the finished wrapping cloth. So you, Nat!
And how cute, a lady bug visiting you while crafting.
Do those flowers actually grow in parks or are they protected?
Have a lovely week.

Diane H said...

Lovely catch up post, dear Nat. Your granddaughter is adorable.

Lis said...

Catching up too, with the nights drawing in here there seems to be less and less time in the day. Enjoy your walks.

Carmen Eva said...

hi Nat, i love Furoshiki, but never knew the bojagi, fantastic, i am thinking about beutiful bojagi projects right know.....your granddaughter is so cute <3

Moon Goddess said...

Nat, I do often wonder when you have time to sleep?!!?!!???!? How do you get as much done as you do? You amaze me. Love C

Terry said...

More interseting stitching. Always something new to learn. Glad you had a nice visit from Family.

Kathie said...

ok thats is exactly what I had in my mind to make with the indigo fabrics and then just stitch it like crazy with the pearle cotton threads in various colors, wow love that moon too :)
your GD is just adorable love her in the kimono that picture should be framed!

Janet said...

I wonder if the ladybird was a good omen, I like to think so. Love the cloth you made. Your little GD looks so adorable, three is such a sweet age.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cloth Nat and I love the addition of that moon (so you).
Your trip to ZZ looks wonderful with your DIL and GD...she looks so gorgeous in that little kimono and what a beautiful photo.
I bought some sheer fabrics from Glennis a while back to do a similar type of cloth (been so busy I havent touched it though!!!!). Love this Korean style of stitching and cant wait to see yours in real life.

Jacky xox

Marie said...

Hi Nat, Love the bojagi!
Your granddaughter is adorable! Such a sweet little
doll : )
I always see ladybugs as good luck and landing on your
fabric is "lucky" stitching : )
What beautiful flowers...

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

How very interesting Nat...I'm learning all the time when visiting!!! What a sweet little grandie...she is the same age as my one...Good on you for walking everywhere at university...it's great to love it!!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Oooh your bojagi is really interesting. And what is the ladybug sitting on? It looks wonderful! I enjoyed your tutorials about the balls and Christmas quilt (really cute). Many years ago I made the girl block on the CWB Quilt into a small wall quilt, I liked her so much. What a huge appliqué project to do the whole thing!
best, nadia

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