January 16, 2012

Birthday Party in the Park & Five Minuts Miracle

Driving 8-9 hours to visit DS's family is normal for us. Last weekend we did the same trip to attend DGC's birthday party. Our DGC were both born in January so the birthday party was combined while they are still little. The party was in the form of a picnic in the park. All the kids had the freedom to run around and the adults were mingled and looked after their own children at the same time. 

Please scroll down to see my five minutes miracle!

Bella and Finn's birthday cakes. It was date cake in the cups. DIL did a great job on them. They not only looked fabulous they were delicious as well. 

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Bella and Finn. Happy Birthday to you. Hip hip hurray!

A scenic scene in the park where we had the picnic. Everyone enjoyed the lovely afternoon.  

A healthy and colourful party spread to share!

I hung the balloons from the oak tree branches. Bella tried to catch one of her birthday balloons, but she is not tall enough this year.

There was no junk food in this party. My DIL practices healthy habits for her family. I'm proud of her and hopes she keeps it up. My grandchildren are in good hands. Good on you Bron!

When I had five minutes before leaving for work one morning I decided to roll up the bundles ready to steam when I got home in the evening. In this bundle I used a sampler of leaves on silk. 

I found these leaves on the ground one morning. I had no idea what they were! I wrapped them over using a silk noil previously dyed. 


More windfall eucalyptus leaves. They sure give out a pretty colour. I love them!

This piece was the result of the samplers bundle above. The leaves not only give nice imprints they seemed to be dyeing the rest of the cloth as well. 

More of the eucalyptus leaves dyed, but this time I folded them in a triangle shape. The result is quite pleasing. I quite like it.


Sometimes the dyed result is only a splash of colour. I don't mind it at all. Some projects such bojagi need plain texture fabric for variety. 

Wow! What mixture of colours! Do you know what I used in this bundle? I only used two types of leaves here, prunus and eucalyptus. Prunus leaves dried very quickly. I didn't want to waste them so I sprinkled them thickly over a piece of silk and added a few eucalyptus leaves on the top. The result is as you see here. Crazy colours right? 

I haven't been very active with my blog lately. You might already know that I am a co-organiser of the Japanese Textile Study Tour in April. April is only around the corner and I can feel the panic coming on...!



Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Nat...catching up here...what a wonderful and bright birthday party...such a colourful table!!! Happy birthday to dear Bella and Finn...doesn't time just fly by!!!

Marydon said...

Oh, Nat! They are darling, grow up TOO fast. Love the park party.
Have a lovely day ~

Nedra said...

I know you are so busy right now. You have been missed. It's nice to see you have still been able to spend time with family. I know somewhat of those long hours of driving to be at family events. They are worth every precious minute!

deanna7trees said...

looks like the party was fun. love the setting in the park. and your dyeing is wonderful. some of the pieces look like watercolor paintings. just beautiful.

Willow said...

What a beautiful party and I can see they all had fun. My Daughter is the same way with healthy food and I am so glad that she is. The fabric looks so beautiful.

Kim said...

Oh what a great way to spend time together, the great outdoors, good food and Grandma!

Happy dyeing, your variety of color is amazing!

Els said...

Mmmmm ! looks like a wonderful picnic !
That last photo : pffffft the colours are gorgeous !
(how do you do it ?!?!)

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday to Bella and Finn. It looks like a wonderful party with yummy food too. I love that you are sitting out in the sun as I am getting ready for a winter storm. I'd rather be with you! Your results are fantastic! The last piece is like a wonderful abstract painting. Wishing you a beautiful week.

Janet said...

What a lovely party in the park, happy birthday to Bella and Finn.
You're dyed pieces are so interesting to see, the yellow is such a beautiful colour. The last one with the purple is quite gorgeous.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was such a fun party and the healthy food looked wonderful.

The dying is amazing. The colors in that last piece are incredible!

Sue-Anne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your grandbabies! Isn't it good to see a mother providing responsible choices for little ones. Good on her!!!!

I am amazed at that last piece of fabric that you dyed. It is hard to imagine all those colours came from two different leaves.

aracne said...

I only heard words of praise for your daughter-in-law, this so so nice, I wish I could have had such a loving relationship with my MIL.
And the dyeing, what to say: beautiful results, I could put stitches all over over the dyed fabric!

woman with wings said...

Nat, your nice compliments to your DIL stood out for me, too! And what a great summer day you had with your family -- healthy food is definitely beautiful food and makes beautiful people on top of it all.

The colors on that last bundle! Wow, those are the colors of royalty! Purple and blue and a full spectrum, really -- alchemy in the works -- do you think it could ever be duplicated?

onesmallstitch said...

what a wonderful, happy family celebration - it is snowing here! those colours are astonishing - and yes, Blandina could make beautiful stitches.

Lis said...

How lovely, thank you for sharing your family celebrations. It seems strange to us in the northern hemisphere that you would even consider a picnic in January!
What colours from your dyeing, a surprise every time, delightful.
PS please don't panic about JTST, take Rescue Remedy and remember to breathe, it's going to be brilliant.

Terry said...

It's always such good fun to share with the grand children.

The dying is yummy. I had not thought about the chemestry of using eucalyptus and prunis together. But the gum would provide the mordant to intensify the colors and also hold the color. Great!!!
I'm sure you are busy with the planning and it isn't too far off now Such excitement.

kaiteM said...

what a lovely party, so good of you to share it with us.

Moon Goddess said...

LOVE that last piece of fabric! It is stunning. I can relate on not doing much blogging lately. I miss it and my studio! I have not done anything creative in several weeks. Though I am loving all my guests and the adventures we are having, I am looking forward to some down time in March when we get back from Malaysia and long creative days.

ParisMaddy said...

Beautiful children. Happy birthday to your Bella and Finn. The cupcakes and fruit made me hungry:)

Your fabrics are really pretty. The eucalyptus color is divine. Do you like the way the leaves smell?

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