May 4, 2012

Let's go for a walk: In Fujino

It's 6.5 kilometres from the farm to Fujino train station. It's harder to walk from the station uphill to the farm . The day before the tour end was an easy day for us. Cynthia, Janine and I decided to take a walk down to the station and take photos. We had seen lovely houses and gardens along the way by car and decided a walk is a better way to get photographs.

Making a trip both ways would have exhausted us, but Bryan had to pick up his friend Tae, our lovely Japanese tea ceremony master that afternoon, so we took the opportunity to get a ride home with them. In this post I will share with you the photos of the walk in Fujino. Enjoy!

Map of the area displayed at Fujino train station where the red 
bubble is. The farm is near the last turn off on the top left.

The green tea field belongs to Bryan. You can see it from the farm. 

Cherry tree at the corner of the farm welcomes you on top of the driveway.

ひとりしずか/ Japanese name: By Myself Quiet. (name obtained from Bryan's blog)

Village signs as you enter. I guess they say, 'Bryan's farm left' and 'Fujino train station 

Passing all these wonderful blossoms and trees along the way

Round the corner down the hill. 5 kilometres more before the train station

Passing cedar pine forest. Slender and tall. Cedar bark is great for eco-dyeing as well!

Crafted motif on headstone from the village cemetery

We met a local on his way to fish

 A cute coffee shop just outside Fujino train station. I love the cat Nolan 

Cross the creek down the hill from the farm

Green tea plantations in the valley

Cynthia and I stood and let cherry blossoms shower over us.

Walked over the horse bridge

Attractive looking leaves

Some yellow flowers instead of pink

Rusty roof calling for a photograph. 

Boy's Day May 5th. 

Yeah we reached the tunnel! Janine posing at the mouth of the tunnel

Thanks for coming along for a walk with me. I hope you enjoyed the scenery along the way.  Fujino is a hidden treasure yet to be discovered. When we took the members for a drive one afternoon one of them mentioned what I had told them before the tour started, "If you did not know anyone in Fujino you would never go there", and they agreed. If you happen to be in Tokyo and have a day to spare do make the trip to Fujino. It's only just over an hour's ride by train on Chuo line from Shinjuku station or Tokyo terminal. 

Till next time


Lis said...

Thanks for sharing your walk (I couldn't have managed it in real life), interesting to see the photos you chose, they sum up the Fujino area I think. Ha ha, I have a photo of a tin roof in my collage on my blog today!! Great minds eh?

Nedra said...

Beautiful! Every step looks like a work of art. How wonderful that you were there while the cherry blossoms were out.

Needled Mom said...

What spectacular pictures! A walk is definitely the way to capture the color and feel of the area you are visiting. I did enjoy my walk with you, but I am glad that WE got a ride back!!!! ;)

deanna7trees said...

oh those trees and those leaves. i bet you wanted to collect everything for dyeing. all so beautiful. does Bryan maintain the tea farm by himself?

Heather said...

Oh, thanks for the pictures! It looks so gorgeous there.

Rosa said...

Thanks for sharing.Love all the photos and enjoy your walk

myfluffybag said...

Beautifully done, Nat! It was such a good time to be there - cherry blossom time. Each day we could see more and different blossoms. There were tiny wildflowers on our walk to see Mt Fuji.It was shrouded in mist but the wildflowers were so pretty especially that striped lily. The tea fields were magic too - a little corner of old Japan.

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you for taking us on your walk. Very beautiful scenes!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Just lovely was a pleasure doing this walk with you...What fun xoxo

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