July 30, 2013

High Tea for the Queen of Tea Cosies

Last week I hosted a high tea for Loani Prior, the queen of tea cosies. The event was in planning for the last six months. I love high tea, and this was a great opportunity for me to perfect my high tea hosting skills. In the past I only hosted small groups of family and close friends. This was the biggest group I have ever hosted. A lot of planning went into organising this, starting from securing the date for the guest of honour, Loani. Next was sending out the invitations; I got all that confirmed and reconfirmed. Finally the day came. Here are some photos from the big day...

I set Loani at the head of the table with a special tea set I have been collecting for years. I found this cute tiara to go with the setting. If you haven't already known Loani, she is the author of the Tea Cosies books.

My dinning table only sits eight, but with my weaving table I managed to add three more. Everyone came with a plate of goodies to share. Thanks to the old Aussie's tradition of "bring a plate".

I made English scones, cucumber sandwiches, strawberry chocolate dipped brownies, and dates filled with almonds. My daughter Kitiya made us delicious lemon tart. 

I was glad to get a chance to use all my tea cup collection that afternoon. There weren't a matching set, but I'm not a matching kind of girl myself! 

The afternoon went like a whizzzz! There was lots of chatter; old friends and new friends were met and made. All in all, it was a good afternoon even for the hostess herself! A group photo was in order. It's always great  to keep these photos for memory. Oh, I do love my friends! 

I asked if everyone could bring their tea cosies for show and tell. I was surprised to see how many there were. I unintentionally had a show and tell of my own. Some of the guests were missing and I wondered where they went. They found their way into my very messy work room. Having cleared up the house for the tea party I had thrown everything in the room including the loom. Ha, they had fun trying to step into it with stuff all over the floor! 

Thanks ladies for coming. It was an honour to have you at my house Loani. Your work is so inspiring to us all. We can't wait for your next book of more tea cosies! 

Until next time.


Lurline said...

Looks like a lovely fun day, Nat!
Hugs - Lurline!

Nedra said...

Everything looks delicious, and I'm sure you were the most wonderful host.

Needled Mom said...

That sounds like a positively perfect day!! I am a big fan of high tea myself and I love how you used your tea collection fo it. Everything looks so pretty and so elegant.

Why is it that our guests make their way into the one area we don't have clean?

Kim said...

Oh boy what a nice high tea..wish I was there with you all :0).
Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. The cozies are such fun aren't they?

Happy Sewing

deanna7trees said...

looks like it was one of those very special days.

Terry said...

Great day for you and your friends. I have warm memories of your High Teas. Yumm.
All the cosies are enjoying themselves as well.

Els said...

Oooooh at last ! Remember you telling that you planned to host Loani !!!
It must have been a wonderful (√°nd delicious) event !
(I "met" Loani on Ravelry ;-) when I made her double-knitted scarf)

Love the results of your bundles Nat, and I enjoyed looking along you New Zealand trip !

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Nat what a very special High Tea you hosted ...woo hoo!

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

What a lovely day, real tea and cucumber sandwiches. Just love the group photo and the tea cosy collection.

Happy days.

Peggy said...

Hi Nat! What a special day, it looks like so much fun. I'll have to look up your guest of honor's books/blog. I love tea cozies! xo

Tracy said...

What fun... and so beautiful! Love me a high tea, and just love the traditions of taking tea, especially the English way. And such GORGEOUS tea cosies... inspiring! I'm figuring out how to do a crocheted cosie for a little tea pot right now. :o) Thanks for sharing the day with us, Nat ((HUGS))

Celsa said...


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