September 3, 2013

Birthday, Weaving and Stuff

My birthday came and went. Yes, another year went by in a flash! Having such a busy year and didn't notice how fast time flies by. Something special happened on my birthday this year. You know those Google Doodles? When I signed in to Google that morning to my surprise the darling Mr Google made me a birthday doodle. How cool was that? It was only for me, and it stayed until midnight that day woo hoo!

I managed to capture the Google doodle here to share with you. Thanks Mr Google, you made my day!

My weaving workshop is in progress. I'm really enjoying it. I can tell you that it's not easy and very challenging. My first piece was double weave. It didn't do anything for me, but I did it as part of the lesson. My second piece is going to be a scarf. I have a big roll of fine woolen yarn I got from Ziguzagu, so I'm using it for the warp thread for all my projects. I got my loom threaded and weaved a few rows with waste rage (pink yarns) ready for my lesson.

I'm weaving Rosepath variation patterns. At the beginning I did 1/2" of tabby rows. I did the hemming stitches on the first edge and I'm now ready to weave the pattern. 

The pattern started to appear after a few rows of weaving. I wasn't sure what colour I should use so I decided to just throw it all the colour. I quite like it actually. It gives me that "old time" look.

Can't have a post without dyeing, no I can't! I opened all those bundles I talked about in the last couple of posts. This one was the one I did last Friday evening. The weather was nice so I bundled up a few bundles and steamed them while there was no wind. 

I left the bundles to sit for only two days. Sunday was Father's Day and I was home doing housework. I tried with all my strength not to get distracted from the housework, but it didn't work of course. I gave up, and I thought let's just open one bundle and then go back to finish the housework!

The result of the dye was great. It gave me the colour I was hoping for. The colour and texture was so striking. It made me very happy, so I went back to finish the housework!

Spring is well and truly here this week. At the weekend the temperature was up to 25C. Today I think it is around the same again. I walk past this plum tree all year round, but today I think the blossoms are fully open. What a spectacular sight it is! I had to stop for a photo to share with you. Enjoy!

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Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Happy Be-lated Birthday, Mr Google did a great job on your special day. Just love the weaving design. How much wool can you wind onto your bobbin thing(not sure of the correct name)I can imagine that this weaving is very relaxing.

Happy days.

Needled Mom said...

How fancy to have your own birthday page on Google!! Happy birthday to you. I hope the year ahead is filled with many blessings.

Your weaving is so pretty. I love your designs you have created.

The dyed piece is stunning. I would have such a hard time waiting to see each piece too. What did you use on that piece? Was it the purple carrots?

Nedra said...

Happy Birthday Nat! That Birthday Doodle is cool. And you know how much I love your weaving. If we lived closer I would want to stand over your shoulder to watch how every section comes together.

Els said...

Happy Birthday Nat !!!!!!
I assume you had a good day ;-)
The weaving is coming together very good ! (woman of many talents !)
Ohhhhh that last bundle : gorgeous !!!!

deanna7trees said...

so glad to hear you're enjoying the weaving. it looks hard and you are doing great. the dyeing is magnificent as usual. here's to a fabulous new year. you're not getting older, just better.

Jeannie said...

The photo of the spring blossoms has such an Oriental indigo look! I just love it. Your weaving is beautiful, as is your dying. That bundle has such beautiful colorations! Your new birth year is off to a fantastic start!

ria vogelzang said...

WOW!!!! Nat, I'm always so in AWE of your workmanship (or should I call it work-woman-ship.. ;) ....)!
It's just so beautiful!!
I love your weaving and I just adore your dyeing skills! Such a gorgeous fabric you created!
Love from my little part of the world, dear friend, Ria.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Looking good from Mr Google Nat...I hope you had a great day! Your dyeing is spectacular...I love it...awesome colours!

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Happy Birthday Nat! Hope you had a great day, very cool to have your own Google birthday message. The plum blossom is out in Warrandyte too.

Terry said...

Rosepath is an interesting threading with lots of possibilities. You are making good progress. The dye is producing wonderful colours with your combination of foliage and mordanting treasures. Happy B'day

beth said...

Curious about your weaving. You mention a class.?? I also wondered what kind of loom you have. I have a rigid heddle loom and am trying to learn all i can! ;)

Peggy said...

Happy Spring and Happy Birthday, Nat! I chuckled about the housework. I would've done the same thing if I had bundles like those waiting to be unrolled! Amazing! The weaving, too, is grand, a lot of hours in that piece, I bet. xoxo

Tracy said...

Happy birthday, belated, Nat... LOVE the Google Doodle--very fun! Your weaving is lovely. I like the bright colors. I like the old-fashioned feel with the colors & shapes. BEAUTIFUL result the latest dye! I love the russet hues. Happy Spring Days :o) ((HUGS))

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nat. Wasn't Mr. Google thoughtful and what a nice birthday surprise! Loved your dyeing on silk. The bundles give such amazing colors and shapes. Weaving is the ONE thing I haven't done and probably never will...just not enough time in a day, as you know!
best, nadia

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