November 29, 2013

Doodle Week

Doodle week it was indeed. I got sidetracked a couple weeks ago when I found this cute little star pattern at Temecula Quilt. I pieced some to use as Christmas gift tags. I enjoyed the piecing process so much I made some more for a quilt. The whole process will take me longer than I thought so after piecing the center block I decided to pack it away until next year. I have some Christmas gifts to make next, but in the meantime I just keep doodling! 

Here is the center block of the star quilt I hope to make. I've pieced all the alternating blocks as per Temecula's instructions. It will be hard for me to finish it for this Christmas! I'm not used to making quilts with a set fabric, so whatever fabric I have in my stash will have to do!

The magic of photo inspiration! While scrolling through Temecula's blog I came across this cute mini quilt Savannah Steps and thought um, I could whip one up quickly to hang on our front porch at Christmas! 

Voila, whipped one up I did! I would love to hand quilt it to give it that antique look. It shouldn't take me long to do. What a classic pattern. I love all kinds of log-cabin patterns. I can see more log-cabin quilts coming along! 

Also last weekend I attended one of Kitiya's workshops at Sportsgirl. She had a few workshops going in both the city Sportsgirl and Chadstone Sportsgirl stores. I went to Chadstone because it's closer to us. Meeting these awesome ladies was a lot of fun! Kitiya is in the black dress with her signature head scarf! 

I had such a blast making watermelon Pinata. This weekend Kitiya is giving more workshops at Sportsgirl in Sydney. I don't know who has more fun, the students or the teacher!

I went to indigo workshop one day last week. It's a group run by Robin Hayward at Handweavers and Spinner Guild of Victoria. It's a free workshop for guild members. I don't get to attend many of these because it happens during the week while I'm at work. 

I'm glad I got there that day. I was looking for a nudge to get into indigo dyeing mood this summer. I took my pre-dyed fabric to over dye. Another member brought in hibiscus flowers for us to dye yellow as well. I Shibori stitched and folded my pieces while other members dyed yarns. It was a fun day.

What else have I been doodling? After I set up the exhibition connecting with nature I got myself inspired and thought for the next exhibition I would make something small. I was looking for the name to get me started then one morning I heard Emma Ayres, the presenter of ACB Classic FM radio. One morning she mentioned the expression simplicity of the little things. I thought that's it, I will call my next exhibition that!

Straight away I started stitching small and slow cloths using my eco-print fabric and other fabric from my stash. I've done 3 pieces so far. Each piece is about 6-6.5". I'm enjoying it and can't wait to start another using indigo dye fabric.

Another challenging and enjoyable project I did last weekend was this handmade book. I was asked by my boss, the university librarian, if I would make a book as a gift for the University Deputy Vice Chancellor. I was so excited to get the chance to create something unique and one of a kind. I set to work choosing the cover for the book. Something for a man! All the discarded books I have been rescuing came in handy. I chose a page from Virginia Woolf and her World for the front cover, a recycled book cloth for the back cover and a trimming for front cover. I used Coptic stitch binding technique. The book was presented to Prof. Adam Shoemaker last Tuesday. I was told he was so thrilled and said it's too good to write on it! 

Well that is it for the week. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers over in the US. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday everyone. 

Until next time


Kim said...

Oh my goodness you have been busy!
Love the handmade book......oh I do hope he writes in and it becomes his favorite gift of all.
And your 2 inch blocks look fantastic in the colors you chose...I'm still making little stars but hope to get at least the 8 inch block made today.
You must be so proud of your "little girl" :0), all those years of watching you craft just became part of her DNA :0).

Happy Sewing

deanna7trees said...

people say i do a lot but nobody beats you Nat...and such wonderful things. love the idea of your little cloths. that is such a great idea.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Nat such a busy and fun post! I also love Log Cabin! Kitiya sounds like she is having so much fun....You Go Girl!

neki desu said...

how wonderful the indigo workshop!
i really like the idea of your next exhibit.and the works look great.

Tracy said...

Such BEAUTIFUL quilt blocks, Nat! I like the rather "traditional" feel of these. Log Cabin is my fave block. And just seeing all the stack of cloth cut makes me itch to stitch...*drool*... LOL! ;o) But LOVE, love, love your slow-stitched cloths... *BIG SWOON*... This kind of stitching is what I'm venturing into right now, and it is enormously satisfying. Your cloths HUGELY inspire! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Terry said...

I love you doodles. Kit is looking great. Glad all is well in her world and yours.

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