December 18, 2013

Eco Star or Two!

When life is busy and the holidays season is only around the corner there isn't much time for dyeing! Having so much dyed fabric to play with I thought I would show you what I have made with it.

Some of the things had been made over time, but I haven't shown you properly. Sorry if you have seen them before. 

I had to smile when I read Deanna's blog about a week of distractions! It happens to me all the time. At the weekend I was busy making presents for my family when my Instagram friend said she is making a star quilt. I thought I needed some eco-stars to go with the presents I was making! Distraction number 1!

I whipped a couple of them up using the pattern from Temecula Quilt Co. I had used previously. I made two stars up because it's easier for chain piecing by machine. I discovered that dyed silk is not the easiest to machine stitch. The dye soaked up the weave and tightened the grains making it harder to stitch. These stars are 2.5" sq.

I posted this Bojagi cloth above a couple of times before while I was working on it. I finished it for the exhibition "connecting with nature". After I got it back from the exhibition I hanged it on our bedroom wall. 

Another distraction I had last week was making this poncho top using eco-dyed silk. I had fun whipping up the poncho in a couple of hours. It took me longer thinking and planning about it though! Distraction number 2!

I didn't have a piece of silk big enough for the whole poncho so the front and back are a slightly different colour! No I don't have problem wearing it at all. Have you noticed the eco-beads? I made them quite awhile ago, but never got around to blogging about them. 

I have also been stitching some hearts. I started stitching them on our drives to visit our grandchildren. I didn't have any pre-planed idea. I just picked up the heart pieces I cut beforehand and stitched something on each heart. I included red stitching in each heart; "red stitching for protection" I've read it somewhere!

I steamed some of the bundles I brought back from the exhibition. I was curious to see how they turned out; I wan't disappointed, they turned out great. More fabric to play with!   

This one was already steamed, but only partly opened for dyeing process at the exhibition. When I opened it fully, I was so surprised how well the eucalyptus leaves dyed! 

Our weather is getting a bit warmer. This week it will reach 33'C/91'F on Thursday. So far it has been lovely and cool for this time of year. Let's hope it lasted until Christmas. I see some of you will get white Christmas! 

Until next time


Betty W said...

They are all beautiful. I love the hearts, but than I like the leaves. Oh, I like them all HA! HA!

Nedra said...

Such beautiful distractions Nat! Your stitching is such a lovely addition to the dyed pieces.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Nat the colours are soft and 'earthy'! We have a very hot day coming up tomorrow!

Terry said...

Your Christmas decorations are a history of your journey in the arts. Wonderfull reflection of your talent and wjoy in sharing.

Kim said...

Oh my! everything is so very beautiful.

Merry Merry Christmas Nat and
Happy Sewing

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Sweet stars and hearts. I love the red eucalyptus leaves on the white fabric - quite Christmassy :)

neki desu said...

♥the beads.
i never get such reds with euca :(

Needled Mom said...

Those stars look fabulous as well as the hearts. The colors are so exciting in your dying. The last piece with the eucalyptus leaves is gorgeous. LOVE the eco beads too. We need a blog post on them.

Peggy said...

All of your work is just gorgeous, Nat! I love the poncho top and the necklace you made -- are the beads made from wool? I have some eucalyptus in a vase but may steam it up now that I see your cloth here. How much you want to bet it won't come out vivid orange like yours though? I wish it would! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Happy New Year! xo

Audrey M said...

Those leaves are beautiful!
Could you tell us how you dyed them? Do you have a tutorial on your blog?
I have never seen the leaves doing such a great job.
Thanks for sharing, such an inspiration.

carolyne gonzalez said...

Hola! me parecen maravillosos TODOS tus trabajos. Soy de Colombia y me gustaría preguntarte ¿como haces para lograr ese color naranja-rojizo con las hojas de eucalipto? Yo estoy empezando a dar mis primeros pasos en el eco print pero no he conseguido lograr ese color con las hojas de eucalipto y me resulta frustrante! podrías compartir tu secreto por favor? gracias!

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denise banaag said...

I'd love to learn how to do this. Can you recommend a tutorial? Or do you have one. When you say you steamed them I am wondering how you do that without dropping them into the water. I'd really like to lean how to do it.

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