February 27, 2014

Jars Dyeing - FUN!

I asked around at work to see if anyone has some jars. I got a bag full just before the weekend so I played with jar dyeing on Saturday. You read, learn and add your own dyeing experience into the jars! This time I over-dyed the fabric I dyed previously. Not all of my dyed fabric is completely successful! I have some pieces that I can over-dye again. You don't need a large piece of fabric for jar dyeing. A small handkerchief, sleeve from a blouse or fat quarter piece is enough for each jar. This is my second batch of jar dyeing now and I really like it. You can see instant results just by looking through the jars. I will not open them until I return from my textile trip at the end of March. Here are some photos to share with you.

Jars from both batches. The colourful jars at the front are from the second batch I dyed at the weekend. 

These are from my first batch I dyed about a week ago. I think I did about 12 jars altogether. 12 jars to open when I get back, how exciting!

I used the canning saucepan to steam with and I did it in my kitchen. It's perfectly safe because the jars are tightly sealed. The water is clear after 1.5 hours of steaming. 

A couple of pieces of silk in the process of wrapping. I found old roses on my walk during Valentine's Day week. They are perfect to use for dyeing. 

I stuffed both of the rose bundles in the same jar. I added more rose leaves in the jar around the bundles. I then added vinegar and a piece of copper pipe. 

This jar has chopped turmeric wrapped in silk and more pieces in the jar around the bundle. I added an over-dyed piece in there as well. You can see the spotted piece of silk at the bottom of the jar.

This jar has red cabbage and mulberries wrapped in silk. I only wrapped it loosely to maximize the colour. The red cabbage turned green after steaming. 

Log wood pieces give out beautiful red colour, but as soon as I added vinegar the liquid turned beautifully gold!

Some eucalyptus bark, wood ash and a rusty cap. It got really dark after steaming. I hope the silk turns out as dark too!

Dried Alyogyne (native Hibiscus) gives excellent lilac colour. I wrapped some in silk as well as stuffing some in the jar. I can already see how well it turns out after steaming.

I love dyeing before I leave on holiday. It's the only time I'm not tempted to open them too soon! 

I did six bundles about two weeks ago. After steaming them I put some in an oak bath and some in a walnut bath. I opened one a few days ago and was very happy with the green and purple imprints I got from Kangaroo paw and Eucalyptus leaves. I tried Kangaroo paw for the first time from the bouquet I had at my exhibition. Now I have to wait until I get back from the holiday before I open the rest of the bundles! What fun opening bundles and jars, woo hoo! 

Lucky find:

Do you like old tins? I love old tins or any tins I can use as storage. My first tin I found was an old tin with a single red rose on it. I thought I would only collect tins with rose pattern on the lid. I found these tins just before Christmas. I love them both very much and they are already being used for stitch projects.

Until next time


neki desu said...

you've been extremely productive! love your photos too.

Judy Martin said...

I agree with neki. What a lot you have been doing, and right before you leave too.
I have India's new book, but have not done anything with it yet. Maybe when I get back from our trip I will. Thanks for the inspiration, Nat.

deanna7trees said...

another inspiring post. it will be so exciting to open up all those jars to see the results. love your tins.

Nedra said...

These look good enough to eat, Nat! I hope someone doesn't mistake them for food storage :) You are always so creative with your dying.

Gill said...

What fun!
I look forward to seeing your results!

Peggy said...

I love this jar technique, hope to begin some soon! You are very inspiring, dear Nat! xo

Peggy said...

Oh, Nat, that was me in the last comment -- I was signed in under another account at the time! xo

Needled Mom said...

You are going to really have something fun to look forward to when you return. It will be so exciting to see the results of all of those jars. I really like the idea of being able to do it in your own kitchen with your normal pots.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Nat I've not heard of jar dyeing before....looking forward to the results when you get back!

susan hemann said...

I lov India's new book, can hardly wait to try some dyeing in jars. Just waiting for snow to melt, seems like forever.

Terry said...

So pretty almost a shame to open them.
A treasure for the future.

ARTISUN said...

Love all the visuals along with explanations on those dyed jars. And yes, I still need to get to the gym, but I did have a good excuse this last week, I was sick with a cold that turned into laryngitis. But starting to fell better, so I will try to drag myself in Nat. I made you a promise :)

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