June 20, 2014

Weekend Project and Studio Update

Time flies when you are having fun! You have all heard before. In my case I would say time flies when I'm busy! So many things are happening at the moment in my day to day life. Winter has finally set in here so the days are getting shorter and I don't seem to have enough hours in the day to do what I want to do.

As I mentioned in my previous posts about the Upstairs Studio, work began last week. It's exciting to come home each day to see what progress has been made to the building. Some photos are at the end of this post. 

Now for the weekend project. A few days into the construction I decided to keep a journal of the building project. First I will need to make a book to keep the journal in. Next is making a journal cover. The weekend project started with boro pieced and stitching.

The piece for front cover stitched and ready

The back cover is in progress

Simplicity block from last week is finished

New simplicity block pieced ready for stitching

I worked on a couple more blocks for my online workshop I'm taking with Karen Ruane. I will be putting them together to make into a cover for my new journal.

Using Palette Builder to create colour inspiration

Introducing yellow onto the blue, red and white theme

Construction on my upstairs studio started last week and here are some photos of work in progress.

Holes were dug for the vertical columns

Luckily the electrical cable was missed

Father and son building team

Every carpenter has one of these belts.

Construction is progressing very quickly. Everyday when I get home there always something new is happening. Since I took these photos there has already been a lot of progress. I hope the structure will be up by the time I put up next post.

Until next time


Nedra said...

I'm excited for you Nat to have your own sewing studio. Thanks for keeping us updated. and as always, love your stitchery.

Needled Mom said...

That construction journal is going to be stunning. I love the stitching you have created on it, Nat.

It must be so much fun to get home and see what has gone on all day. Just think of the great studio you will have when it is finished.

deanna7trees said...

seems like that construction is well on its way. anxious to see the finished studio.

ria vogelzang said...

WOW! I seemed to have missed your post on the Upstairs studio! What a great idea!
Love the cover for the journal you are making. It's looking gorgeous!
And I'm really excited to see more of the construction!
Hope everything is progressing allright.
Love, Ria.

Els said...

Your front and back cover for the journal are wonderful !!!
I must laugh when I see how much Jude influenced us all, as I see the "weaves" over there with you and in my summer solstice over here ;-))

Terry said...

All your boro type pieces are beautifuly resolved in miniture. The work with the sleve reminds me of the boro work we saw in the sunami museum in Hawaii.

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

How exciting to have the studio building commence! I'll be following that with interest. love the pieces for your journal.

Ginny Huber said...

..good to see the construction progressing for your new studio!! And, as always, I enjoy seeing your projects..really like your journal cover work..

neki desu said...

woo! coming up, new studio.
lovely,lovely stitching and patchwork projects

Yoga said...

Hi NAT i am excited about you having a studio at home; a good hideout from rest of the world

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Gorgeous colours Nat for he cover! Hopefully won't be LNG now for your studio!

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