May 4, 2015

Autumn/Fall Colours

A few activities plus some outings happened these last couple of weeks. First of all, I finished a quilt I started in 2013 and posted here and here. It's now on a bed in our guest room. I called it Red Star & Blue Sea a simple name for a simple quilt. I would be jealous if it was not mine, but it is! I'm so happy. I had an outing to the Australian Quilt Convention at the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building a couple of Saturdays ago. I went alone on the spur of the moment and thoroughly enjoyed it. I stopped at Ziguzagu for the warehouse sale; can't miss that! I got a few goodies from there. 

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) commemorates it's 100th year this year on Apr. 25th. I had a small part in the commemoration by making red poppies, Anzac biscuits and made a display of old photographs and documents from WWI in 1915. Another thing I did was to go on an outing to Alowyne Gardens in Yarra Glen with Mr Notjustnat. I have been there once before.

Last but not least, I put on a large batch of dye after we got home from Alowyne Gardens. I gathered some autumn leaves from there and I was itching to dye with them. Below are some photos from the various activities. 

Red Star & Blue Sea quilt nice spread on the bed.

A woollen quilt by Segolaine Schweitzer,
exhibit at AQC

Double Wedding Ring Quilts Tradition Made Modern
by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

The nation commemorated the centenary of ANZAC Day on 25 April this year. The idea is to try to remember those who lost their lives in WWI, and in the Gallipoli campaign in particular. 

Red poppies represented ANZAC Day.

ANZAC biscuits I made on the day.  

Persimmons from Alowyne Gardens

Another shot from Alowyne Gardens

At the visit to Alowyne Gardens I gathered some autumn leaves to dye with that afternoon. With the Eucalyptus leaves I gathered during the week, I was ready to wrap and roll! 

Dyeing alone is never fun! Over dyed
with Grevillea tree leaves

Colour is seeping through after steaming.

Bundles bundles!

Juvenile blue gum leaves on wool.

Grevillea tree leaves on silk

Blue gum leaves on vintage silk.

Nettle and Prunus leaves on vintage silk.

Some vintage goodness from Ziguzagu
Warehouse's sale.

Lucky find: My lucky find for this post are these fine porcelain cups with hand painted blue cherry blossoms. The porcelain is so fine and translucent you can almost see through it. A nice set of three perfect for a cup of green tea. I found them at ZiguZagu's Warehouse sale along with other goodies above. 

Autumn or Fall for some is well settled here. The leaves turn from yellow to red and brown. A beautiful time of year. I love Autumn/Fall! 

Some exciting news here is that I have ordered a blog book. I have put a lot of thought into my blog lately. My blog is really my journal. It is a journal of what I have made and done over the last 6 years since I started blogging. I have recorded everything I made in my blog. Recently a horrible thought came to my mind of possibly losing my blog forever! After looking into a few blog-to-print services I choose to go with Blog2Print and printed one year to see how it would look. If I'm happy with it, I will print the other years since 2009. I'm excited to get my first blog book. Hope it comes soon!

Until next time


Needled Mom said...

You have been busy. Your dying results are just gorgeous and I LOVE how you added the color swatches to the bottom of the pictures.

Your red and blue quilt finished beautifully and looks so nice on the bed.

The pretty red poppies are such a nice way to remember those who gave so much.

Enjoy your autumn. I am excited to be in our spring and looking forward to summer.

susis quilts said...

dear nat,we enjoy spring here in germany,love your new quilt and all the the dyed fabrics,take care,susi

deanna7trees said...

your red and blue quilt is just beautiful. glad to here that it is for you to enjoy. i do most things alone and always have fun so i guess it is what you are used to. i have looked into those blog books before but never did anything about it. will be interested to hear your experience.

Jeannie said...

Your quilt is just beautiful and looks so cozy. I am constantly amazed at the leaf dyeing. Of course, your treasures from the warehouse sale have me drooling. The kimono looks very old made from beautiful fabrics. The cups are gorgeous! Have a wonderful autumnal week as I plant seeds for the summer. :)

Penny said...

Lovely blog post, you have been doing so much. Love the dyed fabrics. I am slowly getting better after the shoulder surgery but still not able to do much, so frustrating. Your quilt looks beautiful.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Persimmons are my favourite fruit at the moment. Your "latest range" of fabrics are stunning so much detail in them. Hope you make something super lovely with them. It will be fun looking through your blog book.

Have a great week.

Happy days.

Nifty Quilts said...

Oh! Your red and blue quilt looks so great on the bed. Congratulations! Love your dye works too, and your garden photos. The change of seasons is always good inspiration.

Els said...

Oh Nat, I can imagine you're happy with that star/sea quilt you finished : it looks gorgeous !
Great to visit a garden and collect some leaves to dye there (ha, I know you can't help yourself there ... you simply HAVE to collect them !)
Hmmmm that Ziguzagu shop ... always beautiful finds, lóve the tea cups !!!

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