July 15, 2015

Family Visit and some Dyeing Time

Our son and his family came to stay for a week and they just left this morning. The G-kids have to start back at school and their parents need to go back to workback to work. Unfortunately it was far too short. 

We had many sessions together at the Treehouse Studio. We stitched and created lots of small things. We also had a DS's birthday here. Mr Notjustnat and I arranged to take DGD for her first musical, The Lion King. She was thrilled and took it all in for a 6 and a half year old. We enjoyed it too!

My daughter-in-law Bron and I stole some time together and did some dyeing. The weather was as horrible as it could be this past week, but it didn't stop us putting on a couple of dye bundles! We also went out gathering some new leaves together too. In doing that we found some beautiful Australian native fruit Finger limes, and I made marmalade from them. A very busy, but productive week I would say!

Mr Bear enjoyed a visit to the Treehouse Studio

DS's Birthday Cake, raspberry cheesecake, yummy! 

One of the scenes from The Lion King, awesome show! 

DGD's framed eco-dye artwork. Never too
young to dye!

Various Eucalyptus leaves. Blue tint from red cabbage.

Intense green and red dyed on silk.

Eucalyptus leaves on wool.

Seriously red! Eucalyptus Nicholii on silk scarf.

With a little help from purple carrot.

Australian native fruit. Finger lime

Ruby red marmalade made with Finger Lime fruit

Below is a poster from one of my students Glenise who took my eco-dye workshop recently. She asked if I could spread the word for a good cause. Glenise is organizing a fun event to raise funds for Gembrook's CFA (Country Fire Authority). If you can, please support our CFA. They are doing a great job for our country communities.  

She has kindly offered me a table to sell or promote my dyeing products and workshop. I turned it down this time because it was too short notice and with our trip only around the corner. I can't fit another thing in!

Have you noticed I've changed my blog banner? What do you think? The weather continues to be horrid, and it will be the same for the rest of this week! Hope you all keeping well and warm or cool!

Until next time


deanna7trees said...

wonderful banner representing all the beautiful dye work you do. sounds like it was a week of fun for the whole family.

Judy Martin said...

Never too young (or old) to dye!

Needled Mom said...

Your new banner is fantastic! It looks like you had so much fun with the kids visit. You surely kept yourselves busy. That cake looks delicious! I love raspberry anything!!!

I'm so glad you were able to do some dyeing and the results are beautiful.

Chyfey said...

Im in Goomeri Qld,winter is normally the best time of the year with cold nights and warm days. But its horrid here at the mo,so hate to think what its like where you are

Terry said...

You always have such good times with the grandies. Playing in the leaves, making jam , stage show and birthday celebration. Life is good.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Such lovely dyeing Nat and beautiful one from DGD...what a sweet teddy! A very fun post!

undamuy said...

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