August 20, 2015

Creative Journal Workshop

I was delighted to host a Creative Journal Workshop at my Tree-house Studio. It was the first workshop with many more to follow, I hope. The workshop was run by my bestie Jacky Williams. Jacky is a fulfilled artist and she keeps up a creative journal in her spare time! Her work is gorgeous, and I'm glad to host her first workshop at my Tree-house. 

The Tree-house is not that big. We can fit six comfortably with room to spare. I moved all my bits and pieces away on the day. Jacky arrived armed with kits, journalling supplies and props for everyone. She also brought samples of journals she has made.

We were given a list of what to bring. I think we brought far more than we needed! I had dabbled with journalling before and already had my supplies ready. It was good not to have to obtain more supplies for the workshop.

The Tree-house was filled with artistic buzz on the day. We started the day with morning tea and introduced ourselves so everyone got to know everyone else. Jacky talked us through many techniques and process of journalling. It didn't take long before we were busy creating. Time flies when you are having fun. It was like that for us that day. Below are some photos from the workshop. I only had time to take photos of my journal pages. Enjoy!

Jacky's many art journals for inspirations

Jacky busy setting up before everyone arrived

The journals are spread out for everyone to admire

Part of the props to work on that day

The art supplies were spread out

Some water colour paints

My bestie Mel was in her element.
She was natural at journalling!

My first page using collaging technique

My second page using nature and earthy theme

Another collage I did after the workshop

I pasted eco-dye photo over the collage

The theme for my creative journal is eco-dye, surprise surprise! It's easier working with what you know! The workshop went very well and Jacky was a great and generous teacher. Of course I knew she would be! The Tree-house was buzzing with creativity that day. It feels empty afterwards. I hope to have more workshops there soon.

Lucky find: 

Let me share my lucky find with you. No, not all of the Kokeshi dolls are my lucky find. This collection of Kokeshi dolls are at Kazari/Ziguzagu show room on Malvern Rd. I brought one home that day. I wished I had brought more though! I got a few in my collection already. I want to take my time collecting them so they are more special that way. 

We can slowly feel spring in the air here down under. The days are getting longer. I actually get home before dark this week! It hasn't rained much either. It's a nice change without having constant rain for a while. 

Until next time.


deanna7trees said...

looks like it was a wonderful day with magnificent results.

susis quilts said...

dear nat,that sounds quite interesting,with the journals,have a nice spring,susi

neki desu said...

so nice you're having all those creative activities& companions in your space. the journals look great.
your kokeshis are so sweet! the chest is gorgeous!!

Els said...

Ahhhh Nat, Jacky did a wonderful workshop at your high studio !!! That must have been fun !

(Here the days are getting shorter .... but summer is still here a bit, though the summer holidays for our grandchildren are almost over)

Terry said...

Looks like the workshop was a huge success. You did well to bring creative people together at the Tree house.

Penny said...

Looks like a great workshop. I have a small collection of Kokeshi dolls and would love to add a few more. All of mine were bought in Japan.

Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like a wonderful workshop. I am sooo surprised you chose eco-dyeing!!! ;-)

I love those Kokeshi dolls. I have a couple from my childhood that my dad brought me while he traveled.

ria vogelzang said...

What a lovely report on your workshop! Great pictures!
And I really love your Kokeshi-doll-collection; gorgeous!
Enjoy the weekend, Ria.

Jeanie said...

I've been searching my house for ages to find the Kokeshi doll I bought in Japan. I can find all the others; not that one! Your collection is terrific!

What a grand day -- I'm hoping to have an art journal play date soon and it's always better when you do it with a friend! I love the pages you did. You remind me it's time to get back to the program with mine!

baukje said...

They look lovely, i never made journals and your theme was not a surprise for me!!!!!!!

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