September 13, 2015

Around The World in 80 Days

Around the world in 80 days! How does it sound for Mr Notjustnat and I for our round-the-world trip? In early 1990 Michael Palin hosted the series Around the World in 80 Days on BBC television. I enjoyed the series until the end. Our trip won't be as interesting as Michael's, but to us it will be. 

The trip combines Mr Notjustnat's retirement and my 10 years long-service-leave. By coincidence they happened in the same year! The trip gives us the chance to visit friends and family along the way. I'm also looking forward to meeting with some online friends for the first time. Some kind souls even offered us to stay with them! 

We will begin our trip from East to West and around. First stop is United Arab Emirates where we lived for almost 7 years. We land in Dubai and then by road to Abu Dhabi. I'm so excited about going back there for the first time since we left in 2002. Below are some photos I got from the net to give you an idea. I will try to update my blog every so often when I have a chance. You can also see my daily feeds on Instagram.

The title page of the original AroundThe World in 80 Days
by Jules Verne

In Dubai I will catch up with my friend Becky. Another dear friend Cynthia will come to pick us up and drive us to Abu Dhabi which is about 150 kilometres from Dubai. I'm looking forward to this ride. I'm sure it will be unregonisable compared with when we lived there.

Abu Dhabi cornish where we lived in from the mid 90's to 2002

A camel train in the desert not too far from Abu Dhabi City

This photo could be any souq in the Middle East!

The highlight for me in Abu Dhabi is to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Construction of the Grand Mosque began when we still there, but with the grand scale of the project it's taken longer than planned. Apart from the Grand Mosque I would like to visit our old apartment building we used to live in. Of course I would like to see the changes that happened in Abu Dhabi. 

So please come along and follow us on our Around The World in 80 Days. 

Until next time


apiecefullife said...

Looking forward to going on this trip "with" you. Have a great time.

Nanette said...

Can't wait to travel with you, enjoy!

Needled Mom said...

This is going to be an amazing trip and I can't wait to follow along with you, Nat. Have a safe and wonderful journey.

Debbie said...

Will enjoying seeing your trip. We lived in Dubai for three and a half years, probably around the same time you were in Abu Dhabi.

baukje said...

Oh yes i willl follow you. And don't you forget Europe?,,,,,

susis quilts said...

dear nat,we are waiting for you,and i will follow your trip umtil you arrive here,take care,susi

neki desu said...

thrilling. safe and fun travels

Lay Hoon Chua said...

Enjoy your Travel Around the World trip

Anonymous said...

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nat. Love what you've been doing with the eucalyptus leaves. I was interested to see the results of your art journaling workshop as well. And Bon Voyage!

best, nadia

Lis Harwood said...

Enjoy your trip, sounds so exciting. Keep safe.

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