October 12, 2015

Zurich, Geneva, Lake Lugano Switzerland

We stopped over in Zurich, Switzerland for a few days after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We were hoping for cooler Autumn weather in Switzerland, but it wasn't the case. The weather was still quite warm and the leaves had not turned to autumn colours yet.

We had a lovely time walking through all the small alleyways and looking at all the cute shops in Zurich. The next day was Sunday when we took a train to Lake Lugano. It's about a 2.5 hour trip. Train trips anywhere in Switzerland are lovely. The trains are super clean, super efficient and are always in spot on precise Swiss time! The view of the Swiss countryside is breathtaking. We really enjoyed it. We love train rides so much that we decided to make a trip to Geneva the next day. Geneva is also 2.5 hours by train as well. I'm glad we took the trip. Geneva is beautiful and interesting in its architecture and its international political role. 

Sample of colourful buildings on Lake Lugano

I love to photograph benches. This one was by the lakeside

Zurich Lakeside

Amazing Zurich wooden doors

View from the train on the way to Geneva

Famous flower clock in Geneva 

Lake Geneva

Geneva Old Town

Geneva Old Town

Interesting neighbourhood in Geneva Old Town 

One of a lovely fountains in Geneva Old Town

A journal page for Switzerland

Stitching in progress

Beer with our Italian meal on our last night in Zurich

Apart from keeping a travel journal, I'm taking something to stitch on the trip. I just take a long piece of silk, dyed threads and some dyed silk. It starts like a blank canvas and hopefully I will slowly fill it up as the trip progresses. As for the travel journal, I aim to fill one page for every country I visit. So far I have plenty to fill the pages with. 

Thanks everyone for leaving comments on my last entry. Sorry I don't always have access to Wi-Fi to spend a lot of time online to reply to your comments. I have managed to just quickly post photos on Instagram so hop-over and check them out!

It's our last few days in the UK. Our next stop is Greece. I will fill you in with what we have been doing in the UK in the next post.

Until next time


Susanne richter-antonijevic said...

dear nat,nice to hear or better read from you,slowly the weather here becomes colder ,today and yesterday morning the grass was frozen, i hope you have some warm days in greece,besides are you travelling europe zigzag,have a nice journey,hugs,susi

Needled Mom said...

It looks like an amazing trip so far. The sights you are seeing (and capturing in your lens) are so pretty. Enjoy Greece.

Nifty Quilts said...

I love seeing your travel photos! Please don't feel you need to thank me for comments, especially while you're away. I hope you're enjoying fully.

จารุวรรณ นําตาล said...

It is a very touristy place. I like it very much. dojin

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