November 7, 2015


It was nice to return to Amsterdam again after 20+ years from our first visit. The only thing I remembered from the first time was that we stayed in a cheap hotel and the bed was too soft. We both ended up sleeping on the floor! But we weren't too poor to get tickets to visit the RIJKS Museum and saw all the famous paintings then. I always knew that I would return to Amsterdam again and that is what we did. 

I was looking forward to be back. I had lot plans for what to do while we were there. Also I had a few friends to meet. With a lot to do in a short time we became busy as soon as we arrived. The Airbnb apartment was located very close to all the places we wanted to visit public transport was just at our doorstep. 

The first day we visited the famous museum, the RIJKS Museum that houses some of Rembrandt's best paintings. I was told that the museum had been renovated and closed for over 3 years. Luckily it is now open again. We were hoping to visit Van Gogh Museum that same afternoon, but took one look at the queue and we decided we better come back another day. I asked the attendant if there was a way that we didn't have to queue. Of course there always is. Buy tickets online prior to coming and that  is what we did (we should have known!). 

Next day I arranged to visit Els from FibreRainbow blog in Rotterdam. I did a quick search on how to get to the train station to catch the train to Rotterdam, but we had to be up bright and early. The visit to Rotterdam turned out to be the best day thanks to Els and Mic who showed us the best their hometown  has to offer. We saw the famous Dutch windmills, rode on a boat and saw Rotterdam from the river. We saw Rotterdam's famous sculpture the Destroyed City. We saw the Cube Houses, the Pencil building and the best for me had to be the Markthal (Market Hall). 

View of Amsterdam from boat ride

People studying paintings at the Van Gogh Museum 

'Night Watch', Rembrandt's most famous painting

Can you see where this is in the above

Van Gogh Self Portrait
I wasn't supposed to photograph it,
but oops, too late!

'Italian Woman', Van Gogh

'The Scream', 1893 by Edvard Munch

'Sunflowers', Van Gogh

'The Milkmaid', Johannes Vermeer

The next day we were up early to take the trip to Rotterdam. Train ride have to be my favourite form of transport. We went through tulip fields, but only dead ones were there because it was the wrong season (sad face!). Well I might have to come back to see them next time!

Els and I posing in front of a windmill

This is the boat we took on our return.

Mr FibreRainbow and Notjustnat
got on like a house on fire!

The Pencil building 

Cube Houses

My favourite has to be this Markthal building!

Sorry you can't see them in context, but all these images were
all over the ceiling of Markthal building.
Breath taking!

The time spent in Amsterdam wasn't long enough. Soon we were packing again. Even though we were only less than a week in Amsterdam, we did everything we planned to do.

Well we are now in Copenhagen. The first visit to this part of the world for both of us. We are here at the right time to see the Autumn leaves turning from green to yellow to orange and red. Beautiful time of year I think. Will fill you in about Copenhagen on my next post.

Until next time


Nifty Quilts said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour. Amsterdam is on my list, now more than ever! We also travel with AirBnB. Love it.

Needled Mom said...

It makes me want to jump on the next plane! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and what fun it must be to visit friends along the way.

reclaimed dining table said...

Lovely post with beautiful photos! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Bishop Stone said...

What a fantastic tour you have given us. Love the wonder of it all.

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