November 17, 2015

Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria

It seems like a world away since my last post about Copenhagen. The event in Paris and Beirut have saddened me. War and killing, why? Let's pray for Paris and Beirut! 

We are continuing on our Around the World in 80 days trip. The stops in Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria were both enjoyable and exciting! We visited Susi (Susis Quilts) and Anton in Schleswig-Holstein. They took good care of us and showed us their home state. They asked if we liked history. Of course we do! So the next day they took us to the Viking Museum in Haithabu. Then they took us to Husum, a sweet seaside town that Susi used to live in. We had a great lunch and sampled Halligplatte - a tasty local dish. Susi and Anton kindly also drove us to Hamburg the next day to catch a train to Munich. The train trip was fun. We enjoyed the Germany countryside all the way to Munich.  

Susi's hand knitted socks for X-mas bazaar

Wind turbines are everywhere

Beautiful harbour at Husum

Map of Viking settlements

Viking Museum, Haithabu

A real Viking ship 

Viking jewellery

Viking jewellery

Viking jewellery

Viking tools

Westerhever Leuchtturm Lighthouse

Susi and Anton, our sweetest hosts

Beer comes in litres in Germany!

The next stopped was Munich, the Bavarian country. Mr. Notjustnat's niece lives in Munich so we were shown to the Bavarian Alps, castles, gorge and mountains. 

King Ludwig II Palace at Linderhof
Neuschwanstein Castle, built by the fairy-tale-king

The Partnach Gorge

Park bench at an altitude of 1236 metres
on Mt Germisch P

Angel of Peace, in Munich city

Munich architecture

Asam Church, Munich baroque
style church 

Munich city gates

My piece of Markthal building, Rotterdam

Stitching, journaling and Instagraming keeps me busy in the evenings. We don't go out much in the evenings. It shows our age right? I'm thankful that we are still healthy and fit to do what we are doing. We've seen much more than we ever dreamt of. We have to thank our friends and family we visited that were such gracious hosts and showed us fabulous and interesting places that we would otherwise not been able to see by ourselves. To all of you, if you ever come to our part of the world we will be happy to show your ours too.

Until next time


Susanne richter-antonijevic said...

dear nat,thanks for the nice words about us,my friend,susi

Needled Mom said...

I have been thinking about you with the terrible events happening.

I am so glad that you are enjoying your trip and seeing so many exciting places. You will have a lifetime of memories as well as meeting so many great friends.

baukje said...

What an exiting trip. And those socks for the Christmas market.......... I LOVE them

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