June 23, 2017

Treasures of Handmade and Homemade

I was thrilled to be asked by my director to create a farewell book for the university librarian when she left early in June. The university librarian, CHR was my favourite director. CHR appreciated and supported my artistic projects. She had been to all of my exhibitions over the years. Apart from the official farewell book I made from all of us, I also made her a journal as a gift from me. We had her farewell party on her last day and I got to present both books to her myself. 

After making books for CHR I got so inspired and made a few more books to use for textile samples. I have been thinking about making sample books for sometime now. I'm glad I finally got around to making them. 

My stitching project on this post is the jacket I patched with eco-dye silk and adding boro style stitching all over it. Slow stitch is ideal for a winter project. I have way more stitching to do on it yet!
I have been bottling my homegrown olives and make my own red and green curry paste as well. What are you doing this winter/summer? 

Textile sample books

This one for vintage indigo

End paper and title page

The 1880 antique sample book from Paris

Another 1880 antique sample book from Paris

CHR's gift journal made from
recycled bookcloths

End paper and title page

CHR's farewell book

End paper and title page

One of my recent projects is this designer linen jacket sourced from an op-shop and patched all over with eco-dyed silk and slow stitch. I never use any pre-planed designs or patterns to stitch over. I just let the fabric and textures guide my stitch. I've completed one side of the jacket. I have put it away for the moment to take up a crochet rug during the cool winter evenings.

Almost done with the right side. 

Round circles just happened!


A couple of weeks ago I came across a Kaffir lime tree full of limes. I remembered my mother made her own curry paste. Kaffir lime rind is one of the main ingredients for curry paste. In season my mother used to peel the rind and dry it to use in the off season. I think I will do the same too. There are lot of them at the moment. No one here knows what to do with them and they just go to waste otherwise. With that I made both red and green curry pastes to keep. I'm happy I did that and made enough to give away to DD and her partner who love cooking.

Red curry paste

Green curry paste

Preserved green olives

Before and after photos  of 12 WKC team

I just finished my 12 week challenge training at the end of May. We love it so much that we are still doing exercise just like we did in the 12 wkc. My gym is so caring that they are shutting down for 2 weeks to give us a break. Exercise is like other sports; we need to have a break after the major event. In the next 2 weeks we are supposed to do nothing. I think I'm going to miss it. I am also taking up running so I will keep that up! How is everyone? I hope you put some physical activities into your daily routine as well.

Until next time


taiqi said...

I always love your blog entries and this one is no exception. How lucky you are to have worked for someone who appreciated what you do and who you are.
I am making some book mats from some of my eco dyeing pieces. also getting ready to dye a raw silk kimono jacket I made. Growing some eucalyptus--only silver dollar grows here. I will use it for my jacket.
You are such an inspiration to me.
Can you share your curry recipes? Janet Wright, San Juan Island

deanna7trees said...

your books are gorgeous, Nat. i haven't added many samples to the one i started last year. you've inspired me to get it out and continue on with it. love what your doing with that linen jacket. i pulled out an old linen blouse from my closet last week and plan on doing the same type stitching on it. your blog posts are always an inspiration.
we are just starting Summer here so i'm envious of your cool weather. it's just too hot to even be outside. there were weather warnings all morning to stay indoors. it's to hit 105F today.

Terry said...

I am always inspired by the energy your posts reflect. The continued diversity of your interests and accomplishments.
Stay warm and enjoy the winter in the south.

Peggy said...

Hi Nat! Oh this was fun to read -- the textile books and journals are beautiful, I can only imagine the planning and skill required -- have never done anything like that. You are "in the flow" as always -- I love your work on the linen jacket. It blows me away that you make your own curry paste and process your own green olives, we pay dearly for them especially the stuffed ones which we all love around here -- over $6 for one of your smaller jars at Whole Foods. Congrats on the training you finished up! xx

Nifty Quilts said...

All are so beautiful--the book jackets and the jacket for yourself! It's nice to see your art. It keeps getting better!!

taiqi said...

Sheesh! Really--June??? and now it is August???? Miss your blogging. Janet

คาสิโนออนไลน์ Gclub sbobet said...

It's all beautiful Thank you for sharing.


สวยพี่สวย said...

Great post Nat. I love Hong Kong more than ever. I will have to note down those places.
And thank you for blogging.


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