August 30, 2017

Late August 2017

I've managed to put in a second blog post in August, that's a first this year! August has been a busy month for me so far. Sometimes it just happens without pre-planning. It's like a good surprise when it happens! 

Four weeks ago I received a request from a long time follower to create a scarf/shawl using my eco-dyed fabric. I told her that most of my dyed fabric comes in small pieces and if it is okay with her, I would use more than one piece of fabric to make a scarf. She told me to go ahead and create what I think is suitable. I have been thinking of making scarves by joining many pieces of eco-dyed fabric. This was a good opportunity to put my idea into practice. I was excited and got started straightaway. I'm now putting the last few stitches on before I post it off to her in Austria! 

Last weekend I attended an indigo seminar and mini workshop at the Monash Gallery of Art. I haven't done indigo dyeing for ages, so it was a lot of fun and inspired me to get back to it again! Also last weekend I went to a woodblock printing workshop hosted by Kazari-Ziguzagu and taught by Terry McKenna. The woodblock printing process was very interesting. Kazari-Ziguzagu often puts on exhibitions, workshops and talks on all Japanese Art, Crafts and cultural activities.

Scroll down to read and view related photos: 

Turning an old linen napkin into
a cool Shibori table runner

Indigo in the Water seminar/workshop

Workshop samples

A happy participant

Blue hands rinsing indigo

My indigo piece while it was still wet

Embroidery on the old linen napkin

Terry McKenna is a master of woodblock printing. He exhibit and teaches all over Australia. He spend years study the craft of woodblock printing in Japan.

My little print that I did in the workshop

Terry showing a class participant
the printing technique

BORO pieces displayed at Kazari-Ziguzagu

Wall of Kimonos and Houri jacket

Japanese Kokeshi collection in the shop

A sneak peek of the commissioned scarf/shawl that is now completed. I will try and get a photo of the whole piece this weekend. It is all hand pieced using French seams. I've added stitches over in some places. I didn't want to put too many stitches because it will make the scarf stiff. 


Stitches over the seams

More stitching

Stitched Eucalyptus leaves pattern

I signed up for another 12 Weeks Challenge at my gym Pinnacle Health Clubs. The 12WC will start at the beginning of September. This is my second 12WC that I'm doing. I got a lot out of it the last time. It was a fun way to work-out "Better Together".

12 Week Challenge poster

That's all for me folks. I have packed too much in these last couple of weeks! How is everyone out there? Another thing I've started doing is brewing homemade Kombucha. It's a Probiotic drink that has been around for more than a thousand years! I've started making Kombucha over a month ago. And you know since then I have seen and read so much about Kombucha! I even bought one from a shop just to see what it tastes like. No, it wasn't as good as my homemade Kombucha, that's for sure!

Until next time


Penny said...

Love seeing what you have been doing. The scarf/shawl looks brilliant.

Needled Mom said...

It's always so much fun to see your work, Nat. The shibori pieces is so pretty and the scarf is stunning. You have been busy!

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Love he shibori table runner and the commission scarf is very beautiful. Thanks for the reminder about the Hokusai exhibition in your previous post, I must see that before it finishes.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nat. Enjoyed seeing the indigo dyeing and the scarf is lovely. Hope you're having a pleasant and creative Spring. And what a great idea to do a 12 week challenge workout!
best, nadia

SJ Autry said...

Hi, Nat!

I was viewing some of your boro pieces and have a novice question for you.

What is done with the raw edges of the patched pieces? Are they ironed under or stitched separately from the quilting stitches?

I've had a hard time finding a tutorial that shows how to hand piece the primitive patchwork.

Thanks for any guidance!

llค่ล้O lล่u said...

I have packed too much in these last couple of weeks!

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