September 30, 2018

Last Working Friday

This post winds back by 3 months. I had drafted this post just before we moved, but as anyone who has been moving knows, moving is crazy. So below is what I was telling you at that time, but didn't get around to posting it....

I have had the urge to blog and to say that today the last Friday of my working life! Three months ago I handed in my retirement notice. Actually, I only needed to give one month's notice, but I gave them  them plenty of time to find my replacement. They have found me a replacement, but not just one. They have found seven others to replace me! It is good to know that I have put in more than a hard yard into the job. It's one of the best jobs I have had in my career. I will miss this place and the people I have been working with for the last 14 years. 

Apart from today being a significant Friday for my working life, I have few things that I made recently to share with you. I spent the Easter holiday with DS and his family. While I was there DDIL asked for my help making up 2 quilts using work from her students from year 7 and year 8. The work consists of Sashiko stitched panels. I set the blocks using thin white sashings with blue and red corners and the opposite colour for the borders of each quilt. 

I knew that I only have less than 3 months before our big move, but still have to work within that 3 months. The idea didn't stop me from signing up for an online workshop "Alchemist's apron" with India Flint. This was India Flint's first online workshop. I'm glad I signed up because I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from India and the class mates in the class Facebook group. 

One of the student's quilts I put together

Some natural dye experiments using plants and flowers from the garden of the rental house. It was part of online workshop with India Flint I was taking in May.

Soaking plants and flowers in jars

Pieces of silk added and steamed for 45 mins.

Purple carrots dyed with household mordants

The results of silk threads after dyeing with
purple carrots and household mordants.

Journal pages made from splashed papers

And here is the apron made from a shirt.

By the time you read this we would have moved. I will be updating you with our news soon. I do hope to keep blogging more regularly now that I am retired.

Until next time


sdBev said...

Welcome to retired life! I too retired and moved. Spent the first 6 months feeling like Id forgotten to do something. 10 years later I wonder how I had enough time to work all those years. You can be busy, productive, doing things you love or not. Hope to read more great posts by you soon.

Nat Palaskas said...

Thanks for your encouraging kind words. I’m keeping busy, but still come to terms with loosing my work community and friends. Moving keeps me busy setting up new Home. Will need a holiday soon ��

Nanette said...

You've had a lot going on Nat, a couple of life's biggest changes at once. It's great you decided to do India's workshop, that would've helped to keep you grounded. And your apron is fabulous. Keep going gently.

Needled Mom said...

It's such fun to see you blogging again. I hope it becomes a regular thing.

Your dying is always incredible and it has been fun following these on IG.

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