June 8, 2019

Natural Impressions Exhibition

Hi everyone. It has been almost a year since I last updated my blog. It has also been almost a year since we moved to Canberra, ACT. If you have relocated your home, you can imagine how busy life can be as a result. 

Before I retired and moved I was invited to exhibit at the Toora Village Studio Gallery in South Gippsland, VIC. I accepted the invitation because I didn't want to have nothing to do! Haha, that was very wrong of me! I also knew that I would have more than a year to prepare. As from today I have less than 3 months before the exhibition opening on 7th September 2019. 

The first 6 months after we arrived at our new home we spent most of that time to settle and to buy furniture and other items that we needed. I also joined a local health club, quilting guild, basket weaving group and lawn bowling club. Helping out with our grandchildren is also a regular task on a daily basis. I'm glad to report that we are well settled and very happy in our new home and new city.

I told myself that as soon as New Year arrived I would start preparations for the exhibition. I didn't actually get to start until February 2019 however. I had rough ideas of what I was going to do, and that was a start, at least. 

I'm delighted to invite you to my exhibition 'Natural Impressions'. The details are on the invitation brochure above.  My daughter Kitiya Palaskas will officially open the exhibition on the 7th September at 2:00pm. If you can't make it to the opening, the exhibition is going to be on for 2 months. 

Looking forward to seeing some of you at my exhibition.



taiqi said...

I sure wish I could come. Hopefully you will post on Facebook or blog about it. Janet Wright

Penny said...

Lovely to have you back. Wish I could get to your exhibition but a bit far away.

ARTISUN said...

Congrats Nat on your upcoming exhibition. So wish I lived close by to view your work in person. So nice to see you posting again. I've missed you!
xoxoxo Deb

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