June 23, 2020

Quilt Memories

Hi there, it has been a long time since my last blog post! My friends near and far have been asking me to start blogging again. Even though I'm posting daily on Instagram, I was told there is not enough detail in IG, sorry! Of course I have no excuse now that I'm retired! But you know, there are other priorities in life when you are retired. My first priority these days is exercise, and that's what I do most days. 

A lot has happened since my last blog post about my exhibition. As soon as I returned from the exhibition in Victoria, my husband and I left for our six weeks holiday in Central Asia, Scotland, Europe and Scandinavia. We had a fabulous trip, and some of the places we visited for the first time. We are glad now we took that trip because as you know, now we can't even plan a trip anywhere. 

Soon after our return, our beach house 'Seabird' is finally completed. There was so much to do before we could move in. We planned to build our own kitchen and cabinets using IKEA modules. But it didn't happen straightaway due to Australia's bushfires. The areas close to Seabird were badly affected by the fires. Even though our place is safe, a month was lost because of it. Soon after we finished installing the kitchen and cabinets, we were on lock-down due to the Corona virus. The rest is as you all know. We are still under restrictions, but much better than the last two months. 

Last weekend we travelled four hundred kilometres to visit a dear friend we haven't seen for a while. At my friend's house I spotted a quilt I haven't seen before, but know it so well! It was a quilt that she made using fabric we exchanged some years ago. She explained the story of this quilt on the quilt's label in the last photo below.  

 My quilt that I named
'Rags to Riches' 

Close-up of the fabric you will recognise
in my friend's quilt too. 

The pattern is called 'Trail Mixed'

I added text borders to all sides

My friend's quilt

This is the label explaining about our quilts

Two different quilts from the same pile of fabrics. As soon as I saw my friend's quilt I felt like I knew it because both quilts share the same fabrics. My quilt took me years to finish so I was familiar with the fabric.  Read the label if you want to know the whole story of these quilts. 

Until next time (hope it won't be too long)


taiqi said...

Fantastic! I am so glad that you are blogging again. This "Great Pause" as India Flint calls it--has changed a lot of things but for me the thing that I miss the most is an "in depth" communication with my quilting friends. No--Instagram doesn't do it. You have so much to tell.
Are you living full time at Seabird? Janet Wright, San Juan Island Washington

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear about your doings :) from Elizabeth Angus

taiqi said...

The side bars on your site aren't showing up.

taiqi said...

I sure wish those sidebars would come back.

halohill.blogspot.com said...

I love your blog! But there is not a place anywhere for me to subscribe. If I can’t, I’ll probably not be able to find it again. Would you consider adding sidebars so that we may all subscribe?
Thank you so much
Nebraska, USA

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