January 21, 2009

Quilt Viewing Day

What is quilt viewing day....? Well it started in January 2008 when I brought down my Christmas quilt and decorations and replaced it with a Leaf quilt that I just completed after several years of making (6 years). I told Lynette, Lynda and Karen about it and they all wanted to have a look so, they did. It's now become a traditional that after I bring down my Christmas quilt and decorations I have to replace with a new quilt (new to others, not to me.....!!!). The new quilt for this year is the Two Friend quilt below and the Quilt Viewing day was 19 January 09. Here is Karen inspecting a piece of my crazy quilt calls Nat's Buttons

More inspection was being done by both Karen and Lynette. We always ended up in my sewing room after viewing the quilt and had afternoon tea. My small sewing room was full of chattered with ooohs and rrrrrs. They told me that my sewing room is like an old fashion shop that have everything and more. I think that my sewing room is too small so every surface is cover with stuff. I love it anyway.............!!!

Full view of my crazy quilt, Nat's Button. This quilt was inpired by scrap of fabrics given to me by Kate Boulton of Buttonmania, check the web site on my link.

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