February 24, 2009

Heartfelt Quilt

I gave the Heartfelt quilt to my colleague Tony yesterday afternoon. My friend Jane was with me for support and took the photo. He was very touched by it all. The quilt stirred a bit of commotion when I showed it off. Two colleagues are now wanting to make one as well.

The tragedy of Black Saturday touched everyone's heart. The loss of homes and lives was more than anybody could imagine. Again, being a quilter I set off to make a quilt. I wanted to do this by myself so that I feel I am contributing it directly to someone I know who lost his home.

I started this quilt on the evening of 9 Feb. and completed it last Sunday. I machine quilted it. The quilt is 62"x86" in size and it is nice and warm. I am so pleased at how it turned out. A real comfy quilt. I will give it away tomorrow.

Details of striplings on the border. I am very pleased of the quilting because I am a hand quilter and only had a couple of lessons on machine quilting, I feel very proud of my effort.

Quilting action on Sunday afternoon.


Julia said...

Well done..it's beautiful!
A real man's quilt, I'm sure he will love it..
It's nice that you know where the quilt is going..
Julia ♥

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

This is lovely Natima...and so nice for whom you know...and so you should be proud!!!

Notjustnat said...

Thanks to both for dropping by. Must report re quilt. I gave it away yesterday and he was very touched. Some collegues wanted to make one because it looks easy enough (they didn't know!) Enjoy

My latest obsession said...

very nice quilt, I'm sure he loves it.
How did you sew the border, did you use a template or draw it free hand first before sewing?

Anonymous said...

I have seen the quilt in person and I can say it looked quite professional. Dennis

Notjustnat said...

Hi Lynda,
The border quilting is called stripling and I did it free motion without template or lines, just scripling using embroidery foot - Natima

My latest obsession said...

thanks, I will have a try at doing that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nats,
I love all of your quilts and your blog :) yas

Terry said...

The man's quilt is wonderful.
A gift from you to a friend. A true quilter's response.

I too responded by getting out a set of charity blocks started by Flying Geese. The local quilt store donated the backing and wadding. OZ Comfort Quilts put out a call for qs quilts so it is now 90x86. All it needs is the binding. Todays job.

We haver frequently responded in the same way and this is another example.


Lurline said...

Nat, your quilt is just stunning - love the plaids! Lovely, interesting blog, too - thanks for following!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kumi said...

It's wonderful, Natima! Your heartfelt quilt made him smile! Kumi

Notjustnat said...

Reply to Kumi - Thank you Kumi for dropped by my blog. I am please that the quilt had touched people hearts - Natima

Micki said...

The quilt is wonderful Natima! You are a beautiful lady, and I get a really clear idea about you when I see you sitting in your home. You must be very proud of the machine quilting that you did. I do hand quilting too, so when I do the machine quilting, I am so pleased. I can well imagine how touched your colleague was by the quilt. It was beautiful!

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