May 21, 2009

Micki's Work Space

Breaking News! Just received an email form Pat over at Posh And Trendy that her post on Work Space is up on her blog. After you read Micki's Work Space please scoot over and read about Pat's Work Space you will love to go and play with Pat after you read it. Enjoy

After I posted about my Work Space and followed on by Serena's Work Space, I now would like to show you Micki's Work Space. I met Micki early on in my blogger career. Micki came and introduced herself to me and we hit it off straight away. Micki invited me to be her April Star. Micki is a wonderful writer and fantastic quilter and knitter and machine embroider and and...! Please visit Micki's blog and see for yourself. Here is a little a bit about Micki and her Work Space:

Tell me a little bit about your work space?

We moved recently into a wee cottage in NW Donegal County. We live right by the ocean, and as it is a traditional Irish cottage, it is small with only one bedroom and a storage room, I knew that I would not have space for a sewing room, but we were happy to be near the sea. However, it was time for improvisation and using my imagination as to how I was going to still do all of my crafts and hobbies. So, Joe and I went to a furniture store in Letterkenny, and we bought a wonderful large table for the living room, which would accommodate my sewing large quilts. It is by the window, and I have plenty of room to sew as I please. At first, I was a bit upset, but now, I can be with my husband and two dogs and sew too. I used to be pretty lonely all alone in the sewing room in the back of the house, but now I have company, can have the tv on if I want, and really it has turned out for the better.

As to my embroidery work, I have a large table set up in the bedroom, where I do my machine embroidery stitching. Luckily, our bedroom is pretty big, so I was able to do that with no problem.

In the kitchen I put a table for us to eat our meals, but when I want to do my machine felting or have to cut out fabric using my larger cutting board, I use the kitchen table, which has two extensions to make it bigger. So, I cut my larger strips there, and set up my felting machine, if I want do some machine felting.

As to where I store my sewing supplies, I do have a storage room, and we had a carpenter come in and build shelves there. I bought tons of larger plastic storage containers, labelled them all, and I have everything related to my crafts there.

I have two favourite areas in the house where I love to work. One is in the bedroom when I do my machine embroidery. I have a tv in there, and watch movies while I do my machine stitching. I also love my Pfaff machine, so I love sitting at my work area in the living room, and Joe sits in his favourite lounge chair and talks to me, while my two dogs lie beside me. How wonderful is that!

As to my main sewing machine, I just recently bought the Pfaff 4.0 Expression for my quilting. It is the best quilting machine that I ever had. I use the Janome 350E for my embroidery, the Babylock EMB12 for my machine felting, and a gorgeous 1953 Singer 221 Featherweight for when I go to the quilting bees.

Yes, I have managed to continue with all of my hobbies, without a bother, and really enjoy being with my family while I work.
Anyways, I get to take breaks from my sewing and walk on the beach near our house any time I want….not bad at all.LOL

Thank Micki for participated in my collection of Work Spaces. After reading story and see some of the photos of your work space I feel like I was there in person. Lovely Carnivale quilt on your wall too.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Gotcha Nat...good to see Micki's workspace...and how nice she can take a walk to the sea whenever she wants...I can relate to that!!!
Nice to see your World Micki...Dzintra♥

Micki said...

Thanks Nat for posting my interview. It has been wonderful getting to know you, and we have hit it off for sure. I do love the sea and the beach as much as Dzintra does, so I feel lucky to be living right by Killahoey Beach.
All the best,

Jocelyn said...

Micki sent me over. It was really neat to see her work area, and how she has managed to do it all with limited space. We can all learn from her :-)

Anonymous said...


I often find I intentionally box myself in. I prefer smaller spaces, we just moved to the house we're in last August. We moved from a two bedroom/one bath cottage. (It caught fire and was unsafe to live in with a baby).

I love your workspace and appreciate the glimpse into your life. I'd love to be able to walk to the sea from my home.

Anonymous said...


Another great post!!! I enjoyed it tremendously, and visited your recommended blogs.

Happy Quilting! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nat for starting this blog subject.. I'm enjoying touring everyones work space..
Micki has such a lovely home and I'm so jealous she can walk to the beach.. how relaxing that must be.

Bunny said...

What a great idea! Popped over from Micki's. Nice to see her workspace. I would love to be by the sea you lucky girl. I was in Donegal in 1976 it is a wonderful beautiful place. I remember how green it was, we did see the sea too it was spectacular and my friends have a cottage there somewhere I have a link to it on my blog. Love your blog too. Thanks

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