May 19, 2009

Serena's Work Space

When I posted about My Work Space I invited some blogger friends to send in some of their stories about work spaces. Here is one from Serena of The Young Appalachian Quilter. Serena is a young quilter that does everything by hand. Please visit her blog and see some of her quilts. Serena is a terrific writer and has many interesting stories to tell. I am very pleased to feature her work space here on my blog. It is such fun seeing other people's work space. Thanks Serena for sharing. 

 'The View'

Tell me a little bit about your work space?

I chose this room in my house for quilting because of the light. Although we have a spare bedroom that sits empty it is on the dark side of the house and it is removed from the family common areas where I spend the majority of my time. I love that my sewing area is shared with our entire family. I had old computer desk equipment that I have repurposed for quilting. The small table is actually a printer table but there is plenty of room underneath it for my legs, and it rolls. The other white piece of furniture was a filing cabinet which I still use to store patterns, large templates for squaring off blocks, and small finished items that need binding. I have a large pop up hamper exclusively for scraps that that while I’m cutting I just brush the scraps off into the bin. 

Work Space

Your room if you have a room if not where in the house do you create your work?

I like to cut my pieces in my sewing area but I quickly transfer those to something more mobile, unless it’s a difficult pattern that needs the orientation of the layout to be completed properly. I’m willing to travel with my pieces and quilts. I usually take my piecing project with me everywhere. I piece on the couch, standing while cooking in the kitchen, at the park, in the car. 

Work Space

Sewing table including the sewing machine:

At this point in my creative quilting life I don’t use one. I began quilting as a way to tie myself to my heritage. I was taught by my mother and I want my heirloom quilts to be just that. I greatly enjoy handwork and love that I’m not tied down to a table in order to make my quilts. My quilts travel and I like that my quilting is meshed with my life instead of separate from it. I do own a Singer 185K but I’ve never learned to use it. 

Fabrics stash

Cutting table or surface where you use for cutting. Do you use rotary cutter or scissors?

I’ve never used a rotary cutter and I don’t own one. For cutting I love my Gingher Featherweight Scissors. These are fairly new and are perfect if your hands cramp after hours of cutting. The all metal Ginghers are great for cutting layers. I also have a small pair of embroidery Ginghers for use while hand quilting and precision piecing curves.

Do you have a favourite spot in your work space?

The View! 


Micki said...

It's a lovely work area. I love the light that is in the room, and you obviously love fabric as much as I do.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Thank you Nat...great post...going to visit Serena now...Have a great Thursday♥x

Anonymous said...

Very nice - I have enjoyed the workspace feature, Natima. I hope you do more of these...

Anonymous said...

These posts are just such a wonderful idea. Is it bad I like my pictures better on your blog?? You did a fantastic job putting it all together and Thank You!! You were too kind on the comments!

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