June 14, 2010

Busy Week: blogger friend to meet!

It's Queen's Birthday weekend (yes Queen Elizabeth of England). Happy Birthday to the Queen. We celebrate Queen's Birthday by having a day off! Unfortunately the university where I work has other ideas and it gives us the day in lieu at Christmas time, so I am working today (sad face here).  It was a busy weekend for me. I drove for 16 hours to visit with DS family. Dr. Notjustnat and I normally take turn driving, but this time he was busy rehearsing. There I said it, he is acting in a film called 'Life after Life' a catching name right? I thought I would give them free advertising on here. I can see you want to know more about 'Life after Life'? Sorry the only thing I know is that his role is of a jazz bar owner. Will keep you posted when I know more. Back to driving for 16 hours by myself. I love driving in my almost new car I got for Christmas. It drives like a dream and I have two audio books to listen to. It keeps me company and from falling asleep.
Added bonus to my long drive was stopping half way in Wodonga to meet a blogger friend Sue-Anne from Buddy &  Me. Sue-Anne kindly offered to meet me at Patchwork on Stonleigh. We communicate with our be-love iPhones and we arrived at Patchwork on Stonleigh at the same time. We gave each big hug like a long lost friends. We chatted so fast about anything and everything. Having read each other's blogs for awhile we sort of knew each other well. It was great to meet you Sue-Anne. We must do it again.
The only stitching I did this last week was my 'cloth to cloth' assignments. Here are some I can show you. In the above collage are some of my blocks from my class assignment. These are the ones I partial stitched on.
I call this block deer garden. It reminds me of a deer garden in Nara, Japan. I found this piece of cloth with Mont Blanc and a deer print on it. And when it came to weave it I decided to leave the deer and wove around it. 
A lot of us in the class were talking about pincushions. I have a bit of a pincushion addiction so I made one from woven cloth with appliqué feather on top.
Strips of fabric were everywhere after weaving each blocks for 'cloth to cloth'. What's better use of them than weave them into a rag basket. This technique of basket is call 'stitch basket'. 
On my visit to DS's family I was helping out in their garden and let DG have the freedom of running around in the backyard. I came across newly pruned vines so with a waste not want not habit, I quickly wove them into a bird nest using random weave technique. It was big enough for DIL to sit a pot plant inside and use it to decorate their garden. That's all I have done in the past week. Not a lot is it...! 


Béa said...

Wow ! Lucky you are to meet Sue Anne !
I love both your deer block and the stitch basket : really wonderful.

Lis said...

Great meeting and I think you've been pretty prolific. Hey, at least you get a day off in lieu, she's our queen and we don't even get a day off for her birthday!! Jude Hill's posted on FB about running cloth to cloth again, I've emailed to say I'd be v interested, great to see what you've been going on the workshop, looks great.

Teresa said...

You are so clever...you can craft with ANYTHING! Fabric, paper, TWIGS...Wow! Your creativity is infectious.

Teresa :o)

Suzanna said...

I love seeing all the pieces you made for our class...all together...plus pincushion and nests. Very inspiring.

Dot said...

HI Nat
What a gorgeous post! Am glad you enjoyed your (very long drive). Love the bird's nest you made for your DS. And the woven fabric basket is beautiful (you are so clever).
The deer garden block is stunning. I do lovew how you put fabric together.
Sounds like you had a lovely catchup with your blogging friend.
Dot xx

ria vogelzang said...

What a lovely meeting you had with Sue Anne! The picture of you both looks great!
So nice you had a great time with you granddaughter!! It was worth driving those 16 hours!! ( I almost can't imagine such a long drive........!)
Your blocks look great! Have fun with you class!
Love, Ria.

Nedra said...

Looks like you've had a great week. All that traveling, and yet you still found time to work on projects. I loved the feather pincushion.

Terry said...

Lets see 2 baskets, 1 pin cushion and class work as well as 2 8 hour drives and visit with family and Sue-Anne. Nah you didn't do much this week DAH (head bang) Oh forgot work full time LOL

Yuo crack me up sometimes glad some of us have lots of energy.

Have a good week.

Sue-Anne said...

Your cloth to cloth looks fantastic Nat and I love your basket weaving too. So good to catch up with you.

Julia said...

Lucky you to meet Sue Anne !
All that driving Nat...I couldn't do it...your blocks look great..
Julia ♥

Janet said...

I've never driven that far in my life, that's like going driving the whole North Island and back again, whew. How lovely to meet Sue-Anne! I have to say I'm in awe over your weaving techniques and projects, I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday your majesty and thanks for the day off from work, may we be blessed with many more.
The Queen. cheers!

Hey Natima lovely work, very creative.


Dot said...

Wow Nat! I'm so glad I found your blog. Your work is amazing!! Love love love!

I'm gonna be here a while looking through your archives. What an inspiration! I'm so happy. :o)

Ivory Spring said...

Natima - all I can say is fun, fun, fun! On top of that, you are going to be an actor's wife, how cool is that?

That deer block is darling.

ParisMaddy said...

What fun you've been up to. I love your blocks. and could you just get any more adorable than you are in your photos. Can't wait for the actor updates. Hugs. xoxo

Sandra said...


I love your blog header with the pieces of our cloth to cloth workshop.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Hi Nat nice to meet you, I am following the bloggy trail thru Sashiko started It! What beautiful work you do, I love your featherweight quilt, Stunning! That workshop you have just done looks like it was a winner as well cheers Jenni :-)

Jacky said...

Hi Nat,

You have been super busy...lots of driving and catching up with online friends. I'm sure you and Sue-Ann for a get together. Nice way to break your journey.
Your blocks from Cloth to Cloth look fantastic and that basket you have woven is wonderful!!!! Both the fabric version and the natural version. You are one talented lady.

Sorry you didnt get Queens Birthday holiday...not fair!

Nice to have you home safe and sound again.

Jacky xox

Karen said...

Wonderful Deer Garden Nat! You are so creative.

Helen said...

I don't know why it took me so long to check this out, I think the class (where I found you) was busy enough to keep up with. You are one talented lady! Love your header, basket is way cool,too. I marked you on favorites now, so I'll be back. This new class with Jude is lots of people lots to read and keep up with,it will be interesting to see the "beast" class which is humungous from what she says.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Nat you have done heaps this past week!!! And how cool to quickly make a basket like that...I wouldn't know where to start!!! I like that we are both involved with the stage at the moment!!! How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger...that must've been so exciting and then to feel like you have know each other for ages!!! Seems like a lot of us have a pincushion addiction LOL!!! Dzintra♥x

Simone de Klerk said...

You have many talents, Nat. Your pincushion turned out so cute!

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