October 16, 2010

Alternative Quilting Read On

Alternative quilting or sane quilting are types of creativity. I have been quilting since 1992, a long time right? I finished many quilts and started lots of UFOs. A lot of my quilts were in exhibitions and some have been published. That's not important here; the most important thing is I'm creating, learning and trying new skills. These days I'm creating alternative quilts using recycled fabric, vintage fabric and re-purposed fabric from used clothing. I am also dyeing my own fabric using Procion dye, eco and natural dyeing. This BORO quilt I'm making for my future blue and white studio at Seabird is taking shape. I have started putting 
some stitching on it now. 
Some pieces in the BORO quilt are thin and worn, so to strengthen it I stitched over it using sashiko design stitching. I love this pattern (I will get the name later) because it has two birds. The birds represent Mr Notjustnat and I who flew from different parts of the world to unite, hence I named our new property Seabird.  
Some more stitching on another part of the quilt. Criss cross stitching. A bit more to go yet. I'm trying to apply all different stitching in all patches. The quilt will be strong and decorative at the same time. 
Another part of the quilt with my hand dyed indigo moon. A few stitches are starting to immerse on the moon. I will add more stitches in cream on it later. 
I want to share this book I got from Ziguzagu a few weeks ago with you. It's a great book of modern BORO quilts. The thing is I didn't know the name of the book. It's in Japanese but I can understand the instructions. I was looking and looking and found in the smallest print the name of the author in English. I searched and searched on the internet and in the end I found it. This book is by: Junko Maeda and it's called "Days with stitching on cloth" I found it on Bemused blog. She has some photos on her blog too, so go and have a read. 
What else have I been creating? Well I have tried weaving! It was another one of Jude's influences. My very first weaving apart from basket weaving.  I have woven with my homemade loom. It was an old tapestry frame I got from an op-shop. I nailed brass nails on the longer ends and tied thick hand dyed strings firmly on them. It was only a trial run, but I'm happy with how they turned out. The left one uses strips of indigo fabric and the right one uses sari silk yarn.  
After trying traditional weaving it occurred to me that I can use the same weaving technique as basket weaving so that is what I did with the indigo and sari silk yarn. I can hear a voice in my head asking me what will I do with them? Well, I can either add them on to my slow cloth project or attach them onto Christmas parcels as tags...yes something different right? 
Now and then

I visited a friend last week and spotted this basket. The basket I had given her husband Dr Raphael Zimmerman as a gift for the opening of his exhibition 5 years ago. It sits on their kitchen bench with potatoes and onions in it. I am surprised how much it changed from when I first made it. The color of natural fibre has turned golden brown. Very beautiful actually. What a shame I can't have it back...!

I went to Quilts in the Barn this morning. It was wonderful and I took lots of photos. It will still be on tomorrow (Sunday), so it's not too late if you live locally to visit. You will see some gorgeous quilts here soon. 


antique quilter said...

wow just love looking at all that stitching
interesting looking book!
oh lucky you going to the Quilts in the Barn , it must have been amazing to see all those quilts in one place!
which one was your favorite and why?
lots of hand quilting???
kathie who loves your basket :)

antique quilter said...

wow just love looking at all that stitching
interesting looking book!
oh lucky you going to the Quilts in the Barn , it must have been amazing to see all those quilts in one place!
which one was your favorite and why?
lots of hand quilting???
kathie who loves your basket :)

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Nat, Your Boro quilt is going to look fantastic. I love all the blue fabrics and the sashiko looks wonderful.

We went to Quilts in the Barn yesterday and had the best time. It was definately worth the trip down to see all those beautiful quilts.

Terry said...

The Boro is looking good. I can't wait for more stories about where the fabrics came from or why you choose the stitches you use.
Thanks for the links Have a Happy Sunday

Bev C said...

Hello Nat, The Boro quilt will be just so stunning,doing little bits here and there makes for a great piece to look at. I do like you little trial at weaving,they would make great book marks.
Happy days.

Simone de Klerk said...

Well, Nat, you are busy as always! Love the story about the basket you made 5 years ago! Treasured is so special!

kaiteM said...

The boro quilt will be wonderful for Seabird, something good to plan for. k.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy looking at your beautiful handiworks on your blog Natima. Your blue and white sashiko stitching is just perfect on your boro quilt, that will when finished look stunning hanging on your rocking chair in your newly named Seabird property. Love Maxine xx

deanna7trees said...

so many beautiful things in this post. i love, love, love the weaving you did. weaving with fabric gives the piece a whole new dimension. and your boro quilt will be amazing. love the sashiko stitching. wrote down the title and author of the book. will have to see if i can find it or at least get it from the library. have a great weekend.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Nat what a post!!! So full of lots of interesting links...love your quilt and I know how much you like torecycle...And to think I will this very special quilt at Seabird...Dzintra♥x

Els said...

Hi Nat, you're really busy stitching on your boro piece. Always love to see things developping when you finally can start stitching! And the weaving ..... great! I must try that too (again, did it aaaaaages ago)

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for a lovely post! Hmm, Sashiko always intrigues me, thank you for the reminder of a an almost forgotten art..will have to explore that more! What a lovely basket (is it an egg basket by design?)...and those mellow warm colors that came with aging...wonderful!

Betty said...

You have been so busy and so many beautiful things you are making. We are still working on the house, but as soon as we finish I want to start sewing again.


Janet said...

Your Boro quilt is looking so wonderful, I have the same book and love it. I always love to see your creative endevours, the basket and the weaving are a treat to view.

Micki said...

I love your Boro quilt...It is going to be lovely!

Kim said...

Oh you are so talented. I do enjoy your site and seeing what new things you are up to!

Happy Sewing Nat

Karen said...

Wonderful projects Nat! A visit to your blog always leaves me with a smile on my face.

jude said...

oh the boro is great and so nice that you have experimented with the weaving already!

Astrid said...

Nat, you are amazing! The BORO quilt is going to look stunning! Love the "old faded" basket and the small woven pieces! Are they too thick for bookmarks?

Dot said...

Hi Nat - am so pleased I got to see your boro quilt in person. It is gorgeous and I love all the stitching. Especially the birds and the meaning behind them for the name of your retirement home and studio. Your weaving is fantastic too!
Dot xx

Anonymous said...

Hello this article was wonderful. I have been trying to find how to do these cloth on cloth ect but cant find anything to learn from and I have so many old cloths and Im not one for throwing away things we have enough of that in todays worls. Can you please help me on the stat of this. and please have more on this its wonderful and is needed so we can use what we have.
Have a wonderfulday,

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