October 13, 2010

Blog Keeping and Eco Stuff

I call this post blog keeping, you know like house keeping! Showing something, thank someone, announcing some events, sharing awards and most important, is keeping blogging environmental friendly.

I'm revisiting this eco dyed silk and linen blouse I blogged about here. I dyed it with purple hibiscus flowers and appliqué it with motives from a silk scarf. 
I finally finished it. The stitching gives a nice texture to the appliqué pieces. I then wove over it with cotton fabric and put more stitching all over it. I really like how it turns out and can't wait to wear it.
A closed up photos of the stitches. 
On my walk I came across this sculpture created by our students on greening up our act. The yellow sign says refill not landfill . Not too long ago I read somewhere that reused water bottles are poisonous! I wonder if the information came from the bottle water suppliers to make you buy more water instead of refilling it? Has anyone heard anything differently?
My birthday celebration continues. At the weekend my friend Jacky who had just returned from Switzerland gave me this gorgeous candle holder and some tea light candles. Thanks Jacky, I love them and enjoy lighting candles when I'm home stitching.
Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival will be on from Oct. 29th - Nov. 5th. This is the 4th BQF organizes by Amy of AmyscreativesideI took part in the last three BQF and I am looking forward to this one too. I have met many bloggers through the BQF and saw many wonderful quilts at the Festival. I hope you will join in  and show your quilts too. 
A couple of weeks ago I was given The Versatile Blogger Award by Wendy of Ivory Spring and I am supposed to pass it on to a few people that are versatile with their blogging. Here are some versatile bloggers:

1. Dzintra who is a stitcher, an accomplished cook and recently an actor too. 
2. Deanna  who is a quilter, fibre artist, bobbin lace making, tatting and eco dyer. 
3. Bev who is environmentally friendly and creative with crochet, quilting and dress making.
4. Janet is a perfectionist. Janet inspires me with everything she does. When you visit her blog you will agree with me. 
5. Sue my talented friend. A great quilter and a whiz on computer and technology stuff best of all she is about to publish her first quilting book. 
6. Astrid a friend who lives over in Mauritius. She is a prolific quilter, hiker and a gardener. 
7. Lis my friend who has the same passion about everything Japanese like myself. 

Make sure to visit them and enjoy their blogs. They are supposed to tell us something that we don't already know about them. It should be interesting reading...! 


kaite said...

Your silk and linen blouse is lovely Nat, very creatively embellished. k.

Els said...

That shirt is GREAT, Nat! (What a fantastic ideas Jude gives to all of us)

Nedra said...

Lots of nice information this morning Nat. Beautiful work on your blouse.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat, You will look stunning in your blouse. If the bees follow you you will know why,they love hibiscus. There was a article on tv tonight about the water bottles. There was one town which had banned them all together and had taps for people to use. Thanks for the award,very much appreciated. Happy days.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Beautiful blouse Nat!!! I have heard that about the water bottles too...sometimes I have wondered about it all...Congratulations on the award...and thank you for mine...We were at the theatre tonight...not acting but part of the audience!!! Have a great Thursday...Dzintra♥x

deanna7trees said...

just love that blouse, Nat. you did a great job. i believe the water bottle story is correct. the plastic of those bottles is quite thin and will leach chemicals if continually reused. and thank you for the award.

Robyn G. said...

What a fantastic 'newsy' post Nat!
Great reading... thanks!
The blouse is WOW!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Natima that shirt looks great, you are very talented and creative.

see you saturday.

Lynda xxx

Janet said...

The blouse looks stunning Nat, beautiful workmanship too. Thank you for the honour and sweet words.

Sand and Sunshine said...

The key to the bottles is to just purchase one that you are able to wash regularly. With the narrow neck and thin plastic the water bottle that you purchase isn't easy to clean and germs get in there and never come out. Then people use them over and over again and they float around in cars, etc. which gets pretty gross. But if you buy a nice insulated one with with a wide mouth you can wash it everyday and then you wont have any trouble or need to buy that bottled water in the first place.

Your blouse is beautiful wonderful job and congrats on your award.

Lis said...

I'd heard the story about the plastic bottle leeching their chemicals if left in the car in the sun - which I always used to do. Link with breast cancer. Anyway, better safe than sorry, I bought a small flask and use that for water now. Probably the aluminium will give me Alzheimer's!! Love the blouse and thanks for the award :)

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely blouse! Incredible.
And I love your sculpture picture. so special.

Astrid said...

Very, very beautiful blouse, Nat! You've done a great job. Love that candlelight holder you received. We never get too many of them, do we? :) Congrats on the award - well deserved - and thank you soooo very much for giving the award to me!
Wonderful weekend to you!

Dot said...

Hi Nat. Your blouse is gorgeous. Enjoyed clicking on them and admiring the detail. The flowers add a beautiful touch. And you will look lovely in it. The candle Jacky gave you is lovely. Congratulations on the award - you have a very interesting (and inspiring ) blog. And thanks for the links . Lots of new blogs for me to visit :) Hope you are having a good weekend.
Dot xx

Munaiba said...

Found your blog from Janet's blog which I always enjoy. She is amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog too.

Minka's Studio said...

Thanks for posting all the lovely quilt photos. It's not a good idea to reuse plastic water bottles because the chemicals in the plastic leach out into the water....especially if they are subjected to heat and cold and freezing, etc. I save glass bottle (8 to 12 ounce size) and refill those. If you search on the internet, you will probably find lots of into re: same as it is a popular topic these days.

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