October 4, 2010


Seachange is a common practice these days, but for us seachange is a way of life. We have moved 10 times in 7 countries in the last 35 years. Apart from my birth country 6 years was the longest my family and I lived anywhere. Some people can't stand moving, but I can't seem to have enough of it. New places stimulate me. I learn a lot about a place by living there. There was no place I didn't like. I make it home wherever I go. I get settled, make friends, join a quilting guild and get involved and help with school activities, and in most places I worked too. 
Seachange is about to happen again, but this time it will be for our retirement. We just bought a block of land and will build a home. A place where both Mr Notjustnat and I can unpack and burn the boxes for good! I have mentioned blue and white studio! Yes that it, it will be at Seabird...!
What do you do when you are planning a move? You get yourself a journal. You collect information about the new place. You dream of the new place and you make a quilt for the new place. Yes that what I'm doing! Above is the handmade journal I just finished. It was Coptic bound using recycled dust jackets for the front and used bookcloth for the back cover. 
I got inspired from a book Blue and White Japan by Amy Katoh how to decorate my studio in blue and white. I found these blue and white pots at my local op-shop a while back. I didn't get them at first, but they keep talking to me every time I go there. So I decided to bring them both home. I made one into a pincushion and left the other one for my thread. The first couple of things for my blue and white studio. 
A quilt I'm planning to make is a BORO quilt. It will be made from vintage Kimono pieces and used fabric from vintage clothing. For the backing I found this old indigo kimono at Ziguzagu. It was fully lined so I unpicked and used the lining for the backing of this quilt. 
A true BORO quilt made from layers of cloths and stitched over using running stitches. Pieces for a BORO quilt are normally made up of square and rectangle shapes. I played around with all the pieces, arranging and moving and then rearranging them again. I have added some indigo moon pieces that I dyed. I will add some Sashiko stitching on some of the plain pieces too just to add texture on to the cloth. I'm looking forward to using my indigo dyed threads for this quilt. 
A close up of a piece of my indigo moon. It's a silk remnant that my student brought back for me from Japan. I need to get motivated to finish something so let's hope the blue and white studio will motivate me enough to be on track. 

I'm happy you are coming with me on the journey to Seabird. It won't happen immediately, but at least we have started.  One thing is for sure though, I can take my blog with me where ever I go. Comfortable thought...! 
Last week I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Ivory Spring. I'm so honored that Wendy has chosen me for one of the recipients. Thanks Wendy from the bottom of my heart. Now I am supposed to tell you something you don't know about me. I was a bell ringer (campanologist). I spent 4 years practicing 3 times a week and have rung in Tasmania, Sydney, Auckland, Hamilton and every tower in Victoria. I was quite good at the end. I rung quarter peals about half a dozen times in those 4 years. In bell ringing quite good is not good enough. It was a tough learning curve and I gave up quilting for it. After 4 years I decided that bell ringing is not for me, so I gave up and returned to quilting again. I must say it's much easier than bell ringing...!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Seabird neighbour...this is all starting to sound real now...bet you can't wait!!! Fantastic quilt...and yes I did know you were a bell ringer LOl...Dzintra♥x

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, Nat, that might be your last seachange. Sounds great what you are planning!
The quilt is stunning. Love how you did it. Hope to see the finish soon.

Nedra said...

You seem like a very adaptable person. Good for you for having such a bright an optimistic approach to life. I am sure you will be loved where ever you go.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Hello Nat!

I have just returned from a rather long vacation & it is so good to get caught up on all of my favorite blogs!

I understand about having to move frequently! My husband is in the military and we move every 3 years. I love going to new places and meeting new people also. I feel like life never really changes unless the scenary changes! We will also be retiring in the next few years, so that will be a big shock for me. How can I stay in one place for a long time?

Anyway, congrats again! Your quilt is beautiful!


Lis said...

It is so wonderful that you are starting on this journey, the next stage of your life. I love reading about your plans and feel I am really a part of them, what a privilege to be sharing this with you. Love the boro, and the lovely little things for your studio. My very best wishes.

Willow said...

Congrats on your Blog award. When I was growing up we moved around alot too, but in was just different houses in the same State. Long story there. I told My Hubby that before I married him I had lived in 17 different homes. Since we have been married we have lived in 3. So nice not to move so often. Of course if I had lived in beautiful countries I would have loved the changes.


Terry said...

Oh so happy for you both and me too. Look forward to more visits.

Glad to hear my blue bird will have a residence in the new blue studio.

Needled Mom said...

A bell ringer? I never knew it had such a fancy name for it either!

That will be a fabulous piece when you are finished.

deanna7trees said...

how exciting for you. looks like you have a good head start with the blue and white studio. i love the pincushion and the beginning boro quilt. i am one of those who hates to move. i've lived in this house for 22 years and don't ever 'plan' to leave.

Grand Purl Baa said...

So that would be Seabird, WA. North of Perth? Just googled it.
Retirement huh! Woo hoo.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh how interesting to learn about BORO quilts! Love the idea of your blue and white quilting studio and looking forward to reading more about it as more of the plannig is done. Do you have the blueprints for your home yet?

What a great blog award for where you are right now. Interesting that you were a bell ringing; as I've read all of the James Herriot novels I'm current watching the James Harriot tv series through Netflix and his friend/ the boss's brother was Tristan a Bell Ringer. Personally I always loved the Bell Ringing at the end of a wedding so pretty.

Jacky said...

Hi Nat,

How exciting for you both...a block of land, a new beginning and that wonderful blue and white studio getting closer and closer. Cant wait to hear all about it on the weekend.

Bell ringer....you never cease to amaze me.

Jacky xox

Astrid said...

A future move to a house with a blue and white studio! Sigh - can it be better, Nat?! You really have something to look forward too! I love the combination blue/white, but we never ended up with those colors in any of the rooms of our house. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! Love the journal and the cute pots! I know what you mean about moving; inside my home country I moved 8 times, before I set out to Mauritius, where I have lived in 3 different houses - now finally our own house. I love to move; always a new start. :)
Congrats on the Award! Bell ringer - wow!:)

kaite said...

enjoy the new journey...k.

Teresa said...

Is Seabird on the sea?? All the blue in your journal, boro and trinkets just seems like the sea. Blue is my favorite color, and a blue/white studio sounds like Heaven to me. I'm looking forward to joining your journey...thanks for sharing!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Nat,
It's so wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are one busy lady! I love the sound of all your projects and will be sure to stop back by to see more.

PS - and what do I do when I plan a move? I start packing and put everythign else on hold (yikes!). I love it that you are excited and taking on these projects!!

Karen said...

Best wishes on your journey to Seabird Nat!

Anonymous said...

That quilt will look lovely in your new beach hut.

Lynda xxx

Dot said...

Am excited for you too Nat! How lovely that you and MrNotjustNat will be able to settle somewhere permanently by the ocean. Your studio will be gorgeous. Love your boro style quilt. You have lived such an interesting life and I am amazed that you have done bell ringing too.
Have a lovely night.
Dot xx

ria vogelzang said...

Ooooh, that's real exciting!! And a lovely studio!! Such lovely plans!
It must be great fun to do all the planning and dreaming together!
Love your journal and I hope it will be filled with beautiful thoughts and adventures from the both of you! Enjoy!!!
Love and a big hug, Ria.

QuiltSue said...

I wish you luck in your next adventure. Whereabouts will you be moving to?

Kim D. said...

How exciting to be building a new house and designing your own studio. I'm curious to know where you'll be moving also? All the best, I bet you'll have more time to create.

Janet said...

You strike me as a person who could fit in anywhere and make friends easily. How very exciting and I love your journal and I'm mad keen on doing a Boro quilt one day. As I understand it, the backing acts like a foundation that you pin the front pieces to?

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Exciting times ahead for you. The blue and white studio sounds lovely and relaxing. Bell ringing-you will have to take a trip to the bell tower in Perth.
Happy days.

theodora cleave said...

hi Nat
A bird told me you are in my seachange street... you are several vacant blocks away...
It's nice up here & to walk on the beach down there !

Paula said...

I wish you all the best on your journey Nat. I love the idea of blue and white studio.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nat! How happy I am for you. You have earned it! A blue and white studio, that is going to be just absolutely lovely. We want pics! Hugs to you both.


Mo'a said...

You have me beat...I only moved 10 times in the last 40 years all in the US...before the US I lived in Iceland and England.
I love the idea of a blue and white studio...good start with your new finds.
Boro quilts and kimonos facinate me...you are a woman of many talents.
What country will you be settleing in?

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