October 9, 2010

Weekend Flowers and Farmer Market

The rain we have had this winter has been very good to us. After 6 years of drought and 3 years of water restrictions we are happy to see the rain return. To me I think the water restrictions were good for everyone. It gave us the reality that we can't take water for granted. Our family was used to saving water having lived in North Africa and the Middle East for 10 years. With the rain the ground gets a very good soaking and in return, our flowers are blooming. These plants were from the last couple of years, but this Spring they are looking extra beautiful thanks to the rain.  
The gazanias are in abundance. They are great used as ground cover. We also have the orange varieties out in the back garden. 
This geranium  bush was also from the previous year. It just keeps giving us lovely flowers for most of the year. 
This fuchsia was in a pot for a couple of years and all of a sudden the leaves turned yellow and started to drop off. We decided to put it in the ground and it came right again giving us gorgeous flowers ever since. 
Our very first yellow rose this Spring. It's so healthy and beautiful. I love roses, but I don't like cutting them. I just like them to be on the bush as long as they last. 
Nasturtiums are so beautiful, specially the kind with bright red centers. I like them because they flower in the winter to give the garden  some colour. Did you know that you can add nasturtium leaves to your salad? Try it sometime. 
This morning Jacky,  Dot and I went to a farmer's market at Collingwood Children's Fram, Abbotsford. Dot kindly offered to drive us there. It was my first time to this market I was so impressed with the varieties of farm fresh and organic seasonal produce. There are fruit, vegetables, seedlings, flowers, herbs and juices. Home made bread, cheese and what I really like, olives. There are samples to try before you buy. It was a pleasant surprise to see how friendly the store holders were. You can ask questions about their produce and you don't feel that they are hurrying you up to serve the next customer. I even found natural dyed hand spun wool. While I was sampling I came across a fruit cordial Frou-Frou. It was so refreshing and delicious. I had Granny Smith apple and Ginger, umm I still can taste it in my mouth. They had a variety of flavours, but I only bought Granny Smith and Ginger because I really love it. 

It's such a beautiful morning and I think spring is really here. Soon we can do outdoor stuff like swimming, walking, picnics and sitting on our deck for a cup of tea. Hope you are enjoying your weekend whatever you are doing. 


Maggey and Jim said...

Wish I lived close to THAT MARKET.. Wow..Looks awesome.. thanks for sharing.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Nat...sounds like great markets!!! You should see the Canberra ones...they are really cool too!!! Yes I am enjoying the weekend...first show today...nearly House Full and rave reviews!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend...Dzintra♥

deanna7trees said...

here in austin, tx, we also have had a drought and were on water restriction until just recently. we have had so much rain in the past few months that we've exceeded what we usually get for the whole year. your flowers are lovely. think i will have to do some serious planting next spring. love the collage of your farmer's market trip.

Lori said...

What lovely flowers Nat!! It looks like a fantastic day at the market.I love spring!

Micki said...

my favorite is the yellow rose, but I love all flowers.

Jacky said...

Hi Nat,

Gorgeous flowers!!! Thank goodness for all of that rain for our gardens. Your flowers are magnificent.

Another gorgeous sunny day today...just like yesterday for our visit to the farmers market. I've been into my goodies already, very yummy, and bought some mineral water on the way home to drink with my Frou Frou cordial as well.

Beautiful day with beautiful friends.

Jacky xox

Sand and Sunshine said...

Africa, now there is a dream of my heart.

I love that Fushia plant, is that really what it's called? DD saw your yellow rose and exclaimed "that's what we have - she must have taken a picture of ours hu?" My silly sweetie.

Janet said...

We're so used to the water restrictions that we hardly have to think of it now. Your flowers are giving a great show. I love those markets with the fresh produce, they really care about what they do.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Guess what it is trying to rain here today!!! We have had just over 200mls for the year, so very low rainfall. The cordial you bought sounds delicious. I love anthing with ginger too. Hope you can get back to the markets next time.

Happy days.

Dot said...

Hi there Nat. The photo's from your garden are lovely. And I enjoyed seeing the new growth in your garden when I was there yesterday. Loved my day out and and about with you and Jacky. The farmer's market was great. Have been enjoying some of the tasty produce already!
Thanks for the lovely gifts too.
Dot xx

ria vogelzang said...

Lovely flowers, Nat! They look really gorgeous!! And those pictures of you all at the market! Also carry around such a lovely basket!! ;))
Enjoy your sunday! Love, Ria.

Els said...

O yes,Nat, of course I visit you from time to time (how could I nót:my first-ever follower!!!)
It's great to see all those bright spring colours, enjoy! I sent your present on Friday so I think it will be there in a week or so. (I will not show a picture before you tell me it arrived ;-) )

kaite said...

what a happy entry Nat, you've had a good weekend. k.

orchidlover said...

Great pics of the flowers. While we can grow them all over here thay have to come in under cover during the winter unfortunately.
What a great Farmers Market. there's nothing like that near us

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful flowers indeed, Natima!!

Dreamer said...

Hi Nat,
When I was a child I lived in North Africa in a town called Asmara which was Ethiopia at the time and is now Eritrea. The last few years of the six that we lived there we had to ration water. But most I suppose take for granted what they have till it's gone. None the less, those years were some of the best in my life. Love your flowers and how nice that we get to enjoy your spring in photos while we start the fall/winter season. :) Tammy

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