June 16, 2012

Weaving Magic

It has been almost two weeks since I last blogged. Where has the time gone? My weaving workshop is in its fourth week. There are two more workshops until it finishes. I have the hire of a loom to bring home for homework. I'm glad to say, a piece of my sampler is now off the loom and I'm very happy with it.
Before I enrolled for the workshop back in March I knew that I wanted to use my eco-dyed fabric to weave with. So my next project is going to be Sakiori weaving with eco-dyed fabric and thread. When I was searching the web for sakiori weaving I came across a unique loom. Saori looms are especially designed for sakiori weaving. They are compact and foldable. Its perfect for what I want.

The last section on the loom. I must say it looks a lot better than the beginning of the piece.

I even designed this bit myself. Nothing much I know, but I'm happy I came up with the combination myself.

I didn't want to remove it in class because I want to dress the loom for my next project ASAP in my next workshop. I removed the piece and finished the fringes this afternoon. The colour didn't turn out too bad after it was finished.

A glass mannequin came in handy as a model for the scarf. I use it to model hats and other scarves as well.

I will let you have a peek at what I will be using in my next project. I eco-dyed the cotton thread in oak leaves. It has just the right shade of cream to go with the eco-dyed silk I will be using for the weft thread.

If all goes well I will be a proud owner of a Saori loom soon, woo hoo! What is Saori?

Till next time

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